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Hello, new member here

by Dan_W_58

I watched this Veritassium video explaining compliant mechanics, and I highly recommend it:
"Why Machines That Bend Are Better"
I'll put a link to my Z-19 in here, which I designed long before I had ever heard of compliant mechanics.
The only use of compliance in the Z-10 is that I avoided having to print a separate giill for the top fan by making it part of the whole structure and elastically closing onto the fan when you put the screws. I have a more serious plan for use of compliance with my Z-X project, but it's secret ;-)

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What are the recommended reference text?

by CorrugatorSupercilii


How wonderful and well suited these things are for 3D printing!

Especially when we are using rigid plastic like PLA and ABS...

Is there a easy introductory text with e.g. of design?

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