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Hello there

by Engineer6

I'm Engi, a hobby Computer Enthusiast from Switzerland, besides modding my own Rigs i do refurbish and repair some to sell online. From time to time i design Bracket's, Adaptors and other Part's to replace missing or broken ones and upload the ones i think others could find usefull here :)
Feel free to check out my things.

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How much do I know?

by Samuel-Tinkerer

RootyJr, do you think you could come up with something to rate my knowledge of Computer and Web Coding? OK if you can't or just won't... I just find you as someone I can look up to for learning about code.

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Computer Accessory Contest Results

by Booglejr

I am a little dismayed at the turn out as one thing was never actually posted. I personally think my design was best, but it seems unfair for me to be judging my own work against everybody else. So, officially the batman mousepad wins. Unofficially, my design, even though it is not in the competition, because I was judging.

EDIT: I know that designs were supposed to be turned it before the official date, but due to the turnout I will make an exception, patrickdevens1's usb stick holder is the new winner.

I did get my case printed and it works great.

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Computer Accessory Contest

by Booglejr

Make a case, holder, sleeve, or other form of decoration for any part of a computer or its accessories. Examples include flashdrive case, cable strengthener, sd card holder, and more.


Must have ComputerAccessory in the title. Must be member of this group. Must post thing to this group. Must make it yourself. Must comment to say that you are in the contest. Must have your model turned in by May 31 at no later than 11:59 am UTC.
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Hey, Computer Enthusiasts!

by Booglejr

Hello my name is Rootyjr, this is a main topic for people to introduce themselves. Please feel free to start your own topic share a design or introduce yourself, we welcome all newcomers.

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