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When X moves +200mm, Y moves +1 (and vice versa)

by 3DPDude

I am building a corexy. I am now almost done, but I have a bit of a problem.

Obviously, my problem is due to one motor moving faster than it should...but I don't know how to change the speed of just one motor in a corexy configuration. I am running it off of a Rumba board, and an external 4 axis TB6560 driver. I have tried changing the steps per unit in firmware, changing the dip switches in the driver for different micro stepping, and switching the motors. The mechanics is working correctly, because when I manually turn the motors, it has no shift with the other axis. Somehow, I have to change the speed of one and only one motor.

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Flashing Firmware

by 3DPDude

Hi Everyone!

Right now, I am scratch building an enormous (1m x 1m x .75m) corexy 3D Printer. The frame is basically done, so the next step is programming the motherboard. Is there an Arduino sketch that I can download and tweak to fit my printer. I am using a RUMBA board. I am new to the scratch building process. I need as much advice as I can get.

Thanks in advance!

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Cable chain guides, good or bad ?

by landie

Moving from a Prusa i3 and building a CoreXY one of the things I really wanted to improve on over the Prusa is the cable management side of things. While having the cable strung in a bit of coil wrap has been pretty reliable it looks a bit of a mess and I'd like to fix that.

My "ideal" was to use cable chain guides as that's the industrial solution to the problem and would certainly be a much neater solution but I've been told that using these guides is actually worse for the cables than just stringing them loosely to the X carriage. I've mocked up a very neat looking solution which uses a guide from the carriage to the Y end block and another from the Y end block to the frame.

Has anyone got any "real life" experience of using these guides and the longevity of the cables ?

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Cura core xy?

by gmeskh

What should I set machine setting in cura?

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