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Need advice on upcoming build

by hudgda75

I am giving a lot of thought to building a Core XY machine, and I have questions, and things I need to know before taking the jump.

I plan on mostly PLA, and some PETG and flexables, but I am not really looking to do ABS, PC, or other high temp stuff.
What I would like to use, or plan to use:
Hemera Extruder/hotend
linerar rails, at least for the X&Y (probably cheap amazon ones, and not HWIN, primarily due to price)
310 x 310 heated bed
SRK 1.4 or 1.4 Turbo or SKR Pro 1.1
TMC 2209's or 2130's or 5160's
BTT V35 screen, because I want touch for somethings, but miss having a wheel control and ablity to cancel prints without having to jump inot an app or web browser.
RPi4 for Otcopi/Astrobox remote and "off site" control

Core XY frame:
I see all kinds of suggestions on what type of extrusion to use - 2020, 2040, 3030. I am looking at the Hypercube Evo design with 3030 extrusion https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2254103, or one of it's EVO 2020 variaent https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2452700 or https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4087259.
How stiff does the frame really need to be? I have seen that BLV recomends 2040 for his BLV Cube, but after talking alook at his mods for an Ender 3, I feel he tends to overkill. I want something that would be capable of print speeds north of 150 mm/s and not have surface artifacts like ringing.

Stepper motors:
Is any standard NEMA 17 fine, or should I consider 0.9 degree steppers instead of the standard 1.8 degree? What is the advantage? I know that it could theroetically yield better perscision and prints, but there is such a thing as micro stepping... And I would think that 0.9 stepper could have the potential to get hotter, degrading performance and lifespan.

I wanna go fast, and a little bigger than my current Ender 3, but there is too much info out there. I want some voice of experiance to guide my build.

HyperCube Evolution
Hypercube Evolution 2020
HyperCube Evolution 2020 - Reinforced, Captive Nuts, Easy Print
by longlh
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Adjusting PID Bed values

by DarkTerritory

I ran the PID test on my new bed, I'm very unhappy with the result. I'm running a 24v power supply and it takes 10 minutes to warm up the bed. Before the new PID settings it would heat up in about 90 seconds. How can I find a happy medium where the bed heats faster without oscillating in temperature?

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Filament Guide for CoreXY with Direct Drive Extruder?

by DarkTerritory

Hi Folks

Working on a CoreXY printer using a lot of the design of the BLV mgn. However, I'm going to use a Toranado direct drive extruder instead of a bowden setup.

This then bags the question, how to get the filament from the spool to the extruder without causing a mess? I was thinking about using a bowden tube as a guide, fixed vertically to the top frame and long enough to reach the far corners of the opposite side of the frame. The far end of the tube would 'float' on top of the Toranado, not directly fixed. My thought is that having the distance between the extruder and the fixed point of the bowden tube on the frame would keep the filament from unspooling and getting tangled.

But I'm wondering if the drag from the tube would interfere with the feed on the Toranado. It's a geared extruder so stronger than just a pinch wheel on a hobbed gear, but not a lot. Obviously I can try it out when everything is built, and I will, but as I'm still building at this point (most of the frame is together) I'm hoping the collective wisdom here may help me decide if this is a viable option.

I'm also open to other ideas, including ones that may not involve a bowden tube. Thanks for any opinions and ideas you might share.


corexy filament_guide
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Extruder Problems

by 3DPDude

Hi Guys!

I finished my big corexy build. I have had several problems with my extruder. The latest one is a little weird. The motor will be turning fine and filament will be flowing perfectly...then randomly (like during infill or something) it will stop turning, then start again. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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When X moves +200mm, Y moves +1 (and vice versa)

by 3DPDude

I am building a corexy. I am now almost done, but I have a bit of a problem.

Obviously, my problem is due to one motor moving faster than it should...but I don't know how to change the speed of just one motor in a corexy configuration. I am running it off of a Rumba board, and an external 4 axis TB6560 driver. I have tried changing the steps per unit in firmware, changing the dip switches in the driver for different micro stepping, and switching the motors. The mechanics is working correctly, because when I manually turn the motors, it has no shift with the other axis. Somehow, I have to change the speed of one and only one motor.

Thanks in advance!!!!

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