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Prometheus System 2 in 1 Multi-Filament UPGRADE for the CR-10S

by martureo


They have an e3d upgrade for pre-existing e3d v6 owners like me - otherwise you can get the whole kit which includes the v6 all metal hotends as well - more to follow

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Stepper Expander ?

by TheSPY

Has anyone tired adding a Stepper expander to the the CR-10s rather than replacing the whole control, its seams like a much cheaper way to get dual extruding working, considering the the shipped board has everything but the actual stepper driver ready to go..

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BLtouch Clone

by TheSPY

I've been trying to install a BLtouch clone on my CR-10s with the 2.1 board and Marlin 1.1.9. I can get the firmware to compile and upload and the BLtouch shows in the menu etc. But the touch doesn't respond to any commands from the panel, and also doesn't deploy when trying to home the printer.

The if the probe is down when the printer is turned on the probe retracts and the light flashes, If the probe is up the light just flashes. I have tried several different peoples guides on how to install this but none of them work for me. I just get to the same result, displays on the panel but doesn't respond to commands. I had no trouble getting one to work on my previous FLSun printer.

Is there a way to electrically test the probe, with it disconnected from the printer ? Maybe I got a dud ?

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Heat bed stopped heating

by Outers55

Hi everyone, I just got my printer up and running two days ago and the heat bed has already stopped heating. I’m pretty bummed about this. I’ll reach out to creality customer support, but does anyone have any suggestions on the least painful route to getting up and printing again? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

fix Heated_Bed repair
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