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Camera Mount

by HereGoesNothing

Does anyone know of a good camera mount for the cr-10s pro that attaches to the bed? When one is not on the bed it is a bad timelapse due to the moving platform.

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Pausing then resuming a print

by rromano158

I have tried several times to pause and then resume a print, but there doesn't seem to be a "Resume Print" button/icon. I am new to 3D printing and bought the best I could afford for my first printer (Creality CR-10S Pro V2 from Tiny Machines). I have paused a few different prints to fix a support that had popped off of the bed, and get a pop-up window asking to "Pause the print?", so I click "Yes", then I get another pop-up window asking if I what to change filament. I click "No" because that's not why I needed it to pause. Then, when I want to resume the print I am unable to find any button or icon to press. I'll see in the upper window that it says "Print Paused". I'll go back to the main print window and touch the "Print" button/icon, wait for a 20-30 seconds (which seems like 2-3 minutes), then the hot-end moves to the home position, lays down a purge line and moves back toward the already printed model to start the print completely from the beginning. That in turn jams the hot-end into the already partially printed model knocking it off of the bed. What am I missing? Is there some hidden secret to resuming the print after pausing for something other than changing the filament?

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Issues with Extrusion during Auto-leveling procedure

by IronWarriorXxX

Hey group - I'm having an issue with my CR-10S Pro V2 and the auto-leveling procedure extruding filament while it's going about that process. I've looked this issue up, and it seems others that have installed the BLTouch Auto-leveler have similar issues, not necessarily that it's a CR-10S Pro.

I use Cura 4.6 for my slicing and generating GCODE, and for now I've just been printing with PLA with Cura setting the nozzle temp at 200C and the bed temp at 50C (standard values for Generic PLA). I've set it at Dynamic, and Standard print quality, and that doesn't make a difference. I'm not quite sure why the filament actually starts extruding during this process either, since that would suggest the extruder is actually feeding the filament through during the auto-leveling (why do that?).

At any rate, I'm finding if I don't catch the filament at the beginning of the actual print process it can mess up the first layer, not to mention there is a mess of extruded plastic from it when it first starts to print. After reading up on some possible solutions, some suggested setting the nozzle temp lower, until it actually prints - but some suggest this will mess up the auto-leveling itself. I can't seem to adjust the value for the print nozzle to anything below the 200C (I suppose I could set it to a lower value in Cura, and then adjust up). I've also read suggestions on changing the GCODE, but I'd rather not do that considering it should be a feature that works without editing the GCODE!

Anyone have any solutions for this?

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cant get past the homeing part

by Crysis999

i have just assembeld my cr-10s pro v2, when i try to home all when my z-axes is trying to calibrate it gows down and touches the prrintbed and upp down and uppp when it gows down agen the BLTouch stays up but the z-axses keps gowing down into the print bed and dos not stops until i kill the power. i have used the 100mm pice to level it and lover the print bed until i cant lover it any bore

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best way to print new hot end cooler.

by Icefall19

Hey not sure how active this community is, but I have a dilemma. Im going about upgrading my CR10S-pro cooling system, z screw sag, and changing to inductive sensor. I'm curious what your guys ideas are for the best way to print this file that I have attached, its part of the Hero me cooling kit for my hot end. I know i cant use supports since it will just fill in the air pathways.

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