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I can't fix the "Err: Too Far!" error.

by WigginsRedux

I installed the BL Touch a few weeks ago and it has been nothing but trouble. I Leveled out my Z-axis gantry and the system simply won't accept a z-offset i give it. I constantly wants t be 2-4 mm above the bed. No matter how many tricks I try. Does anyone know how to clear this Err: too far! problem when leveling out your Z axis?

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TH3D Firmware issue

by Pip5469

I am having a heck of a time with this TH3D firmware. I had to replace my board and am trying a new firmware. I got the firmware flashed but the end stops switches are being ignored basically and the printer does the grinding noise until I get an error on the screen. Anyone have any experience with this and how do I fix it? Here is the link to the firmware I am using https://www.th3dstudio.com/hc/downloads/unified-2-firmware/creality/creality-cr-10-v2-firmware-v2-5-2-board/

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Octoprint not connecting and how to get new firmware?

by Lunaemica

Hey all,
I had octoprint running on my ender 3 pro fine for months. I got a CR-10 V2 for Christmas and set it up (level, test print, etc). However when I plug in my Rasberry Pi via the micro USB then click connect (after configuring Octoprint for a CR-10 in printer profile and setting the port and baud to auto) I get an error:
State: Offline (Error: No more candidates to test, and no working port/baud rate combination detected.)

I've tried updating Octoprint and rebooting both it and the printer. I also tried several other micro USB cables (I don't have any braided cables)
Does anyone have any other ideas?

I thought perhaps I needed to update the firmware. I'm still on stock right now and haven't installed the BLTouch. The version on Creality Downloads for the system says it was updated in June - I'm pretty sure there's been a newer marlin since then, no?
22 Jul 2020 - CR-10 V2_Origin Latest FW_1.1.6.0 V.zip

I didn't try to update to that yet; my printer isn't near my computer so I have to move one of them to update with a hex.

Any input would be appreciated! Sorry for the newbie questions!

Thank you,

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Heating Failed Printer Halted.......

by qwiktune

Quick question, when I try to change the nozzle temperature after starting a print the printer gives me the Heating Failed Printer Halted error and to Reset it. Is this normal? I'm used to my Ender 3 that lets me do this without any issues. Also, is there a way to heat the nozzle and bed simultaneously when PREHEATING like my Ender 3 does, or is that only remedied via Gcode in the start of a print?

CR10 Failed Halted Heating
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Extending 16 pin connector?

by qwiktune

Hey guys I'm trying to put the control box underneath a table the printer is on. All the other cables can reach but that 16 pin molex plug from the control box to the bottom left side. I need like 3 or 4 inches to reach the printer to plug it in, are there any kind of extensions I buy to extend it that little bit? How would I go about doing that?

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