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Issue : Z-Axis will NOT move up to next slice after 1st layer

by CRuff

I had been printing just fine, however (starting yesterday) now when printing the Z-Axis does not move up for each layer and instead continues to print the model at the same height and the nozzle grinds on the print. I can move the z-axis just fine using the control box so it's only when printing that it remains at the same level. Anyone had a similar issue or know what to do to fix!?

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Nozzle of my cr 10 v2 not coming off

by Crafty_YJ

hi everyone i have a cr10 v2 and have run into my first issue, my nozzle got clogged ive tried to replace it but it seems like its stuck

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Print not sticking to bed

by Rydernator

I've had a couple problems with my prints sliding off the bed and with big prints peeling off during the printing of the brim I added in cura slicer. Ive tried changing the leveling i.e. changing the nozzle height, didn't make to much of a difference. Also tried changing temperature of nozzle and bed was hard to tell if there was a difference. Cleaning the bed and changing nozzle. Finally put some PVC glue on the bed seems to be working for now at least for smaller prints. Anyone got any tips, This is my first printer.

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