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Craftbot 3, "The Supervisor"

by bglwood

Does anyone have the dual head Craftbot 3? I have been having layer shift problems and tech support is stumped as to why this is happening.

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On the fence about getting one, any regrets from current owners?

by IcanCwhatUsay

Hey guys,

I'm thinking about getting a CB. I was originally a backer but had to withdraw due to a surprise financial drain. (timing belt on my car went)
Anyways, I was wondering if anybody would like to share their experience, thoughts or regrets with their purchase. Thanks in a advance!

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Welcome CraftBot users!

by Marrrs

I made this group so we can collect our addons, parts and other related stuff here. Have fun! /Marrrs (Marcus Malmberg)

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Maybe some design contests?

by kenkad

I would like to suggest some design contests be promoted. In particular, my interest would be a fully articulated mannequin. I would be happy to supply some particulars is there is any interest.

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