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What can I do to improve my print settings?

by H0wlrunn3r

I am running my CR-10 S5 in Cura 3.2.1 with 1.75 Hatchbox Black PLA. Most of my settings are as follows:

Fine Quality
Infill 20%
Extruder Temp 210
Build Plate 60
Flow 100
Retraction Enabled at 15mm (Long Bowden)
Retraction Speed 70mm/s
Retraction Prime Speed 40mm/s
Print Speed 60
Infill Speed 80
Travel Speed 100
Print Acceleration 500
Travel Acceleration 5000
Print Jerk 20
Travel Jerk 30

There has to be something I can do to improve the print quality

cr-10 s5 ford layers plus print print quality quality thin
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E3D V6

by DrDuck

Thinking about just buying A V6 and getting it out of the way. I dont have an immediate need to print anything but PLA but I may soon.

Is there anywhere else that is a good place to buy from other than E3D? Im find with buying directly from them but if they have a partnership or something in the states that might allow me to get mine faster and for cheaper that would be cool.

Theres a option that im a bit unsure about. The direct drive input type refers to something like a aero where the extruder motor is right next to the hotend? if so thats not what I want for a stock CR-10 right? I want the Universal w/ Bowden?

Since the V6 is like 60 bucks and the Aero is like 100, should I just spend the extra 40 and pick up the AERO? Bigger pain in the ass to install? Require more parts and modifications to get to work correctly (due to the increased size and weight)?

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Print lifting

by mattsonn

Does anyone know what’s going on? I’m printing 7 copies of the same part at the same time and only one of them is having this issue. I’ve been using glue stick on heated glass for months with no issues but now some of my parts are lifting. My bed is heated to 55 degrees C.

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CR-10 mirror replacement

by EmptyTelevision

My local home depot does not carry the suggested 12"x12" mirror tiles. The ones they have are similar but I want to make sure the thickness and anti fog coating won't be a problem to use. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Glacier-Bay-12-in-x-12-in-Plain-Edge-Bath-Mirrors-6-Pack-81175/205513215

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Build plates

by 3d__101

So I hear a lot of people going to the anycubic ultrabase, I have a few questions about it and was wondering if you could provide some insight.
I am looking for a good bed that sticks well to pla that i don't have to apply, I am happy to use alcohol when needed, I just don't like the idea of glue stick or otherwise. I mostly print pla but sometimes I print petg. I like to print big parts so I don't want things to stick too well. Any ideas?

1 how does it compare to say blue tape or pei.

2 how is the bottom finish

3 how does it attach to the printer.

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