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CR10-S Options for moving the extruder?

by Venomouse

With the very small gap between the Z axis and the filament feed, has anyone successfully moved / reoriented the extruder?


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Creality CR-10 V3

by albryant93

Having an issue where my printer prints a beautiful first layer, then goes horribly wrong after that for the first 5mm and then prints beautifully again, its really frusterating. I checked all axis's for play, there isnt any, checked belt tension, checked bed alignment, thought it was the slicer software (cura) that i was using, just cant seem to figure this problem out, all stepper motor and stop sensors have been reseated. I'm just lost.This is my first 3D printer and I'm new to the hobby, haven't been able to find anything online thats similar to my issue.

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CR10 repairs/upgrades

by Hammez

I have a project that requires me to fix a printer (I have a CR-10)
the only thing that is broken is the mainboard but I thought that if I am fixing it I may as well upgrade it so any suggestions will be welcomed
Many Thanks Jamie

repair upgrade
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Bed adhesion

by clscott661

I have had my cr 10 S for a little over a year now and I'm at wits end with it it will not adhere to the bed 90% of the time. I have tried build sheets, glue sticks, tape, went back to default setting nothing wants to stick down I'm running 215 head temp and 60-65 bed temp for pla using MH build filament from Matterhackers anyone have any ideas? Chad

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CR-10S with Mainboard V2.2 BL Touch

by davehuber312

I have a CR-10S with mainboard V2.2.
I purchased a BLTouch kit which includes various USB programming cables and adapters to fit on a Creality V 1 board.
I'm not getting much assistance from the Ebay seller i purchased from.
Question is, I found a diagram for installing BLTouch on what appears to be a V2 mainboard on a Youtube Video by user First Layer. Should I just install according to the diagram?
Has anyone seen a kit for install on V2 mainboard? What is the difference?
I'm up for a challenge hooking up as in diagram, but want to confirm that will be sufficient.
Procedure for Marlin upgrade appears to be similar for both boards, as far as I can determine.
What experiences should I know about before embarking?

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