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PLA not sticking

by jeffintexas

Everything going fine for last 15 or 20 prints and now the filament will not stick to the bed. I leveled the bed twice now and not sure what the cause of this is. Any idea? Picture attached. I took the filament out and back in. The Extruder seems to make an odd noise now that I did not notice before. Like ee er, ee er sound.

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Binder Clips and crashing the head questions...

by AlmostFixedIt

Being I am totally new and have my printer almost ready for its first power up, I am still a bit nervous as to "what could go wrong". So I have a few last questions. What controls how far the steppers move the bed besides the end stop switch? I mean, if I use the supplied binder clips, will the head ever be able to hit them? What are the proper or best positions for the 4 binder clips to avoid issues like this? Like in inches from the ends. Should I use the option to disable the steppers to manually move the bed and hot end when I first level my bed? And from then on use the automatic method?

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New CR-10S rolling back filament, stops printing randomly

by Jokerskeep

Hello, i am new to the 3d printing world. I pulled the trigger on a CR-10s due to its popularity and durability. I was able to successfully print a handful of items without any issues - besides bed leveling and adhesion, but all in all good prints. The issue begins when i submitted my first print using the USB cable via CURA. Print was going good until my PC went into sleep mode. Print stopped. PC was brought back online. Print job would not cancel. Printer was rebooted twice and the USB cable was disconnected.
Since this point all print jobs have failed. Print jobs are very stringy, Print stops after 20% of printing and then rolls the filament back into the spool. it will then try to reel itself back (80% of the time i need to push filament back through and select resume print). Print will just stop at random times and will not continue.
I have opened the controller and re-seated cables and tighten power screws. I have used different profiles and tried with over 15 different stl files. I completely removed the filament run out sensor: same issue. Not sure what to do next. Not sure if there is a reset switch anywhere or if i need to flash firmware. Any suggestions?

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Ghosting issues

by condescomputers

Well I have been printing now for a few months, and I have resolved 99% of my issues that I had with the CR-10 Mini, and the CR-10S. The last issue I am going to tackle is ghosting. I was wondering how everyone here fixed their ghosting. There are 2 schools of thought on ghosting that I have read about on ghosting. One is to stiffen everything as much as possible, and the other is to absorb vibrations with things like squash ball feet and etc.

I have 3 questions.

  1. What have you tried that did not work?

  2. What have you tried that did work?

  3. What, if anything, do you plan on trying to do to resolve ghosting?
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My Creality CR10 is painfully slow

by dc_dweller

Hi all,

I was curious of anyone could offer insight. I use Simplify 3D as my slicer and it has worked beautifully with my previous printer, MakerGear.

Now, with my new Creality CR10 it still works but the printer is just totally slow. It prints with a crawling speed. According to Simplify3D, the attached gcode should finish in 1.5 hours, but in reality it took 4 hours!!!!

The default printing speed is 4000 mm/min (or 66 mm/sec). Outline underspeed is 50%, solid infill $80 underspeed, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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