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Faulty PSU?

by SpongebobTheLegend

Hey, guys, I was heating up my CR-10S and I noticed It was heating extremely slow and some of the control box fans didn't turn on it only heated the nozzle to 120c and the bed to 40c so I opened up the control box and noticed the PSU fan wasn't on and I got a small shock when I touched the PSU case, In addition I measured the PSU voltage it was 11v at idle and 9v during heating I'm assuming the PSU is defective, please advise. Thanks!

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Ender 2 seems sold out. Where can i still buy one in Europe ?

by RamiR9

I need to buy an Ender 2 to complete a mod i am doing . The printer just got sold out this months. Does anyone know where i can still buy it in Europe ?
Is there a similar design canteliver printer ?

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by I_Bathe_In_WaterMelons

id like to know what people think about about the new cr-6 2D printer me personally I'm only jealous of auto bed leveling

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Stock CR-10 V2 Homing Issue

by dbaliki918


I got my CR-10 V2 a few days ago. I've been having a lot of trouble setting it up because of this homing issue. When I auto-home, the X axis and Z axis home normally, but the Y axis only nudges slightly in the opposite direction. I was told that this is often a firmware issue where the TRIGGERED and Open statuses are inverted. To test this, I ran a M119 command in Pronterface while the Y endstop was open and manually triggered by me. Both times, it showed a status of TRIGGERED. This eliminated the firmware issue.

I tried switching the endstop with the spare one that was included, and that didn't work either. To confirm that it wasn't an issue with the endstops, I plugged the original Y and the spare to the X axis. They worked properly there.

I decided to dig deeper. I disconnected the power from the control box, opened it, and removed the power supply. I unplugged the Y-min connector, put everything back together, then tried homing. Same thing. M119 still showed a status of TRIGGERED despite it being completely unplugged.

I did a continuity test on the board. The connection between the board and the power supply is good.

But here's where things got weird. I decided to switch back to the original endstop, and the printer suddenly started homing properly! For about 5 minutes. Now it's back to square 1.

I'm running out of ideas at this point. Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue might be?

Thank you.

CR-10 CR-10 V2 Creality Homing Homing problem Y homing
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Re-mix for old fashioned bed leveling.

by DorinDXN

Before everyone will use the new automatic leveling, for old fashion guys here :)
I did a remix for a very useful thing here


Just wanted to let you know, I description is my way to use it, please comment about other possible ways.

Stay safe!

cr-10 adjustable endstop DXN-remix
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