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Corrupt files on SD card that came with the machine

by EncoreTech

about half the files on the card seem to be corrupt. Can anyone point me to a place where I can find the cat model, the repetier host and USB drivers for all windows machines? any other files I may need to tether? Anyone else have this problem?

Micro Swiss mk8 thermal tube and nozzle upgrade

by bubbasan

Hi. Got a micro Swiss thermal tube mk8 and wear resistant nozzle. Installing them but I noticed that the original thermal tube is a flush fit with the heat sink and the microswiss is like tossing hotdog down a hallway. This seems to defeat the purpose of a heat sink. Do I need to order a different heat sink? Or is this ok?

Appreciate any help that comes this way.


cooling fan in power supply sounds like a dying goat

by SandalphonPlectrums

so I've been using my CR-10 for a month now without incident, and now the cooling fan to the power supply is rattling quite loud. i wasn't exaggerating when it sounds like a dying goat.

that's a problem when i need it running non stop but my kids have to sleep. any solutions? i doubt it's dust because the room is clean and dry....

Dual E3D V6 extruders for CR-10S?

by Koplari


I bought my first 3D-printer few weeks ago and have done several mods to it, including E3D V6 head.

Now I'm thinking of installing a dual extruder setup. Are the components of CR-10S compatible with dual extruders? Chip is Mega2560 and display is of course 12864.

I think the hardest part is to get a x-carriage that supports dual extruders, I'm not sure I can design one..

CR-10 Creality_CR-10 dual_extruder

CR-10 Heated Bed getting too hot and X-axis making ripping noise

by kojirowilliam

My CR-10 has been overheating its heated bed and I dont know what to do. My heated bed had disconnected on the - wire so I soldered it back in. That is the only clue I have to what has happened to my heated bed. For the X-axis ripping noise, I don't really have a clue except that it has happened after I printed something from thingiverse called Elucidator - Sword Art Online - Actual size, and I doubt that is the issue.Can someone please take a picture of their CR-10's heated bed. Like the back of it and where all the wires go to? Thanks a lot

CR-10 Heated Bed overheating x-axis