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Anyone know of a mount to move the filament sensor to the frame?

by raketemensch

I'm switching to a Titan direct extruder, and the installation video basically tells you to defeat the sensor by putting some disconnected filament into it... which is kinda crap.

I'm planning to hang the filament above the printer, and would like to have the filament run straight down through the sensor, but all my googling has not turned up a sensor mount like this.

Does anyone know of one?

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Bowden Tube Coupler (at Hot Nozzle end)

by EaziG

Hi all, another Noob question for you all.

I was attempting to replace my Bowden tube.
It seems that normally you would simply push in the Bowden tube Coupler collar and the tube pops out. This worked fine at the extruder end, but at the hot end the Bowden tube Coupler collar seems to not work. The tube stays in there tight.
I bought new couplers which seem better quality. I unscrewed the existing coupler but it after unscrewing it as far as it goes. The coupler still won't detach! I don't want to force it and end up snapping or breaking something.

In a YouTube video I saw, it seems it should just easily come away once unscrewed, but mine seems to be caught on something and appears like it just keeps unscrewing.

Has anyone had this issue where either the Bowden tube appears to be stuck tight in the coupler, or have you had the coupler be difficult to remove?

I've attached an image to show the part I'm talking about, it's the brass coupler with the white collar that hold the white Bowden tube in the hot end.

Thanks all.

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Thermistor problems permanently 49 °C and 74 °C

by Zefram_Cochrane

I have recently purchased a Creality CR-10 MAX used.

After fixing some problems, the last big problem is a measurement error of the temperature sensors for heat bed and nozzle. The nozzle temperature is permanently displayed with 49 °C (at room temperature and during heating) and the heat bed temperature with 74 °C (also at room temperature and during heating). I have already replaced both sensors which has not led to any change. Subsequently, I have reloaded the firmware, which has also led to no change.

Now I am running out of ideas. As a last possibility I see only the exchange of the mainboard.

Do you have any ideas what the problem could be?

Thank you very much and many greetings,

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CR-10S Pro + CR touch

by Lemandros

I have been trying to add a CR Touch to my CR10S Pro (V1, V2.4 board) with the TM3D firmware found here (Option C, as I understand it this should be fine with the V1 as the only changes are ABL and PSU no?): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cuYWpDw8aPuLEXus3uNsgDIEAKEze3Z9-hIDMWcqMK8/edit
I am completely stumped. I've managed to route the 5-pin cable down to the main board, I removed the 5-pin connector and split it up into 2 3-pin connectors: one for the Z+ connector and one for the D11 pin block. Now I am pretty confused as to the order of cables, partially because I don't trust the ribbon cable colour sequence being consistent across shipped products and partially because I don't fully get what I am mapping to what. Could someone tell me the correct order? I prefer to keep the magic smoke inside :)

CR10SPRO CR10S_PRO crealitycr10spro crtouch
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CR-10 Smart Pro bed not moving during auto level

by GingahNinjah

Out of the box this afternoon so no modifications. Tensioned the belts, nuts, and the rollers are smooth. When going into auto level the nozzle moves to the limit switch then there is a dull thump and zero movement from the bed. The program cannot be back out of and the printer requires to be power cycled before attempting again.

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