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Filament trouble

by wxreana

The insane clicking is back, luckily only for my high temp protopasta filament which is annoying because its nice and i have some projects to do with it. Ideas on getting it to print? Ive tried bigger nozzel, higher temp.

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My CR10-S arrived yesterday :)

by AlmostFixedIt

The CR10-S I ordered from BangGood arrived yesterday and the box was in perfect condition. I haven't opened it yet and will do so tomorrow when I have time to start setting it up. I just wanted the people that were posting to me in my other threads that the order came through just fine. Now I need to know how to verify if I have the latest improvements etc as I read about a capacitor issue somewhere and want to make sure mine are the good ones. And the warped bed and glass I will find out about tomorrow too. Any precautions I need to be aware of or things to look out for?

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Melted plastic clogging up heater block tube

by trevthomp2000

My printer was having problems extruding so I took the nozzle and melted the plastic out of it, but that didn't fix it so I took apart the heater assembly and found out that there was melted plastic in the heater block tube. It's possible some of it is melted PTFE tubing, as I do think I might have accidentally gone above or close to 250C on some prints, and I do recall a previous issue where I couldn't get the PTFE tube out of the heatbreak because it was stuck and took a lot of force to get out. What do you recommend I do to get it out? I tried dislodging it with some allen wrenches I had nearby but the plastic was stuck in there pretty good and didn't seem to budge or chip much at all. Is it a lost cause and I need a replacement? Is there an easy fix? Thanks in advance.

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Prints not turing out great?

by evjones005

Hi, I got a cr-10 a couple months ago and i bought it because i have seen so many great reviews on it so i got it and i haven't been able to get the best prints out of it like the pictures i have seen online.I also just got a HTC Vive and printed a wall mount for the controllers but it has many issues.you can see some scaring from where the extrude goes up or is going to a new place, your can also see gaps in layers, also you can clearly see the layers and i dont hate how u can see it but it just seems like there is some way to make the layers a little less visible.lastly you can see some of the infill scars on the out side of the print.I was really excited about this printer but it donest seem to be like i saw on many different peoples prints

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PLA not sticking

by jeffintexas

Everything going fine for last 15 or 20 prints and now the filament will not stick to the bed. I leveled the bed twice now and not sure what the cause of this is. Any idea? Picture attached. I took the filament out and back in. The Extruder seems to make an odd noise now that I did not notice before. Like ee er, ee er sound.

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