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heatbreak fan issue?

by SirrisRx

I've recently noticed a problem with one of my printers. It can't seem to get the hotend to the temperature I've set it at. So I end up having to manually set it about 10C higher than the displayed temperature; 210C to get 200C.

While exploring the issue I noticed that the temperature can be reached and steady but only with the heatbreak fan disabled. Obviously, that doesn't sit well with me.

The printer is a CR-10 and the it's fully stock without a fang installed.

I should mention that a second CR-10 sitting next to it is printing just fine (I had worried that it might be the ambient temperature being cooler).

Any ideas or directions I might investigate will be much appreciated. Even keywords, hehe. Thanks.

fan heatbreak hotend_cooling
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Question about buying 3d models

by lc99

Hi. I have a question. Is possible to divide the price of a 3d model? For example if 5 people pay 1/5 of the price can we send the files echothers?
I whould to buy an iron man model (mk 39) from do3d.com but the price is astronomical. Some advices? Thanks

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Bed Options CR10S

by AlmostFixedIt

I watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzY2LzDjquU after trying to remove my print today. It was stuck pretty good and I was hoping I didn't throw my bed out of alignment getting it off. I know to check it before each print though anyhow. But then the glue stick mess I had to scrape off with a razor blade. There must be a better way. So has anyone used one of these fairly inexpensive sheets?

My current mirror I sanded and scratched it up with emory cloth per some video I saw a while back. I wonder if a slick smooth mirror surface would be better? I have a box of mirrors. Thoughts?

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What do you call your printer?

by Dingham

So my first post was a cry for help and I really appreciate the advice and support that has come through from the community so far. I thought however I do a bit of a more light hearted second post to better introduce myself and maybe help anyone else new to the community.

What do you call your printer? I'm sure many of us are using the OctoPi, if not do, and you have to name your printer... what did you call your print, did you go for just CR-10 or did you choose something more creative.

What did you call your printer and is there a reason?

I called my printer: The Coyote after the Native American 'god' as he's involved in the creation mythology and is known to be a bit of a trouble maker. It made sense to me at the time.

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EZABL unable to get passed calibration????

by spanishcop

Guys I really hope you can help me out here.

So I have been following step by step to setup EZABL. I'm using the 18mm EZABL. So I got everything setup and I followed the steps to get hotend nozzle to touch bed. I adjust the screw on top counter clockwise and then clockwise small turns until light stays on solid red.

I'm then instructed to AUTO HOME. When I do this...... It goes to the far left and bed moves back homing X and Y and then goes to center of bed "EZABL" is now at center of bed and begins to lower..... it lowers to the point it crashes into the bed and motors start rattling. I immediately shut power off and turn power back on. I've tried this several times with same exact result.

Strangely enough..... after powering the printer back on after crashing into bed... if I hit HOME Z.... it will lift to 000.5

I cannot figure out for the life of me what I'm doing wrong. When I uploaded firmware I did a 502 and a 500 as instructed to flash and save settings. And followed all the instructions.

Can someone assist me on fixing this issue? Do I have a faulty EZABL sensor or is it a setting I need to change?

Thank you in advance if anyone could be kind enough to assist as all printing is on hold now.


bed calibration CR10 cr10s crashing EZABL
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