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How do I re-zero the Z axis?

by BLowe

My machine has printed great and just lately the bed adhesion was a bit low, and when I checked, it was a bit lose so I went through the whole bed-leveling and such... Now for some reason it wants to jam the probe into the bed! When I put the nozzle at the proper place, (ie: .020 above bed) the machine says X and Y are at zero but Z is at 3.3.... (Although it really is at .020) How do I re-set this?

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Single Outline Corkscrew Mode not working properly

by volvodr66

I'm trying to print a vase in Simplify3D and I have chosen the Corkscrew Mode with 4 bottom layers and 0 top layers and it's not printing the side walls correctly. The base is printed okay but when it gets to the sides it prints one step, lets say 1mm for example, then the print head moves to the center, moves back to the side, prints another 1mm, moves back to the center, moves back to the side, prints another 1mm, and the process just keeps repeating itself over ad over. it's like it has to home itself to the center after every 1mm of printing. Something else I find interesting that I've noticed recently is in the beginning of my prints when my printer prints out the 2 prime lines on the edge of the bed before the print, after it prints out the first prime the head moves to the center of the bed, moves back to the edge and THEN prints the second prime line. I don't think I have anything in my startup script that would cause it to do this. it's like it just goes to the center of the bed by itself. sort of like its doing with this vase, or corkscrew mode.

I also looked at the gcode for this vase file I'm trying to print in Simplify3d line by line and when it gets to the walls it does not show the head going to the center off the bed like I'm experiencing with my printer. The beginning of the file also doesn't show the head going to the center of the bed between the two prime lines like I get with all of my prints.

I'm going to attach my starting script and the vase gcode just in case one of you guys wants to take a look at it for me. There's no reason I can think of why my print head would go to the center and back between the two prime lines or during printing the vase walls. The vase file came off Thingiverse here and is just resized smaller.


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IdeaMaker CR10 Templates

by mikenbrenda

neon have any templates for Ideamaker you can share that will work for the CR10?, I cannot find any that work, nor ideas on youtube that seem to work like my Cura does, and i love the interface on Ideamaker and to be able to modify the supports...

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Extruder Motor not Receiving power

by troyrobillos

Hello All,
I unboxed my CR-10s and am having an issue. It seems that the power going to the extruder stepper motor is not working. I can move in the X, Y, and Z axis using the control box. So, the power going to those stepper motors is working. To test the power going to the extruder stepper motor, I plugged the X axis power to the extruder and can move the motor using the control box. However, when I plug back the power that is for the extruder, I can no longer get any movement on the extruder stepper motor. Anyone have any ideas?

extruder power
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The thinhamahjigg on my Y-motor will not extend as it should

by ThomasAaren

First of all, English is my 3rd language...i apologize..Secondly...the "Thingamahjigg" is the "drum/barrel"-part marked by an arrow in the pictures. Feel free to correct me. The two pictures shows how far the ....thingamahjigg will extend. This means i will not be able to put my Vibration dampener on the Y-motor,as the.....thinganahjigg wont extend more than what u can see in the picture. so if i was to attach the vibrationdampener the belt would be skewed or crooked AF. Now, i dont know how Sturdy and solid such a motor and its driveshafts are. But should i try using some lube and abit of force (dontthinkdirtythoughtsdontthinkdirtythoughts) while thinking that there is just a jam between that drumthingy and the shaft itself..Or will i most likely fck it all up and bend stuff or break it?

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