Printing margin

by michaelbs007

Hello everyone, I have a problem with very wide margins that need to be cut after printing and skimming for adjustment. Is there anything to do or is it a printer?

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Rough surface, blobs and zits.

by BixlerVDL

I have had this issue for long now, but I can't figure out what it is. I have changed temperature, flow, perimeters and retraction. What can I do? (I am using cura at the moment). Sometimes there are holes, and sometimes it looks like over extrusion because of the blobs...

Thank you in advance

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How do I re-zero the Z axis?

by BLowe

My machine has printed great and just lately the bed adhesion was a bit low, and when I checked, it was a bit lose so I went through the whole bed-leveling and such... Now for some reason it wants to jam the probe into the bed! When I put the nozzle at the proper place, (ie: .020 above bed) the machine says X and Y are at zero but Z is at 3.3.... (Although it really is at .020) How do I re-set this?

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Brand New Creality CR-10 Isn't Auto Homing Properly And More

by bdog_ben

I recently just received a brand new Creality CR-10 that I ordered online. But I noticed that whenever I press the auto home function, the X and Z axis work perfectly fine to get the extruder down to the print bed. I did find out though that the Y Axis (printer bed) didn't move at all and just stayed put for the extruder to be out down on instead of it moving so it hits the left corner. I thought this was weird so I then went into the system and tried to move the Y axis manually and it CAN move towards me manually BUT it cannot go back (towards the motor) so I'm not sure what is going on. If anyone on here has an idea, then please let me know. Thank you.

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skipping, not feeding

by CurlyQ

My cr-10 has been running fine for a month and now the feeder is grinding down my filament to dust and the guiding roller isn't turning. I have no idea where its jamming. any help would be appreciated i have to do a presentation on my printer in 12 hours.

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Stops extruding during second layer

by BixlerVDL

It is me again! I posted this before but when I added a picture I got flagged for moderation... yh :(

But anyway, my problem still is not solved yet.

Whenever i start a print, it will stop extruding when it reaches the second layer. But there is no jam, I cleaned my nozzle and replaced it just to make sure. When I manually tell the printer to extrude, it will and it won't stop. My filament also is not slipping...
I have not had this issue before with the same gcodes.

So why does my printer stop extruding at the second layer?...

Thank you in advance for replying.

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ABS Print Problem

by pixelpop

I've been having decent luck printing with ABS until I got to this piece. The attached part.jpg shows the part, the surface at the bottom of the "V" is the base of the part. The red circle indicates the problem area. The photos are of the actual print. There is a very small amount of warping at the bottom corner but not significant enough to reject the print. I am using an enclosure and Dimafix bed adhesive. Temps are 110/240C. Layer height is 0.1600 and speed is 20mm/sec.

I have messed with settings trying to get this corrected but with no luck. This issue is most prominent on the upper left corner of the front section of the "V" with the same problem, but less severe on the upper right corner. Smooth and correct print in the middle. The back section of the "V" does not have this problem. Any ideas suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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filiment not coming out all the way

by evjones005

i recently posted about my filament not coming out all the way, i was told to buy new filament, still inst working

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EZABL not working right

by humorgep

So I've got the EZABL mini for more than 2 months now, but I can't use it.
I did all the setup and calibrating also installed the Marlin software.
The problem is: That when I want it to auto home it doesn't go to the centre but 5 or 10 cms away, always in the same spot.
Also if I want to print (I had to try it) it wants to probe off the bed and it runs into an error.
I've been talking to th3d support but we can't find anything.

auto_bed_leveling cr10s EZABL_Mini problem
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