Extruding Problems.

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The gears in the yellow part are trying to push the filament through but it cant. I've tried to tighten everything down. It only worked one time and then that print was taken off the bed and was being dragged around by the extruder. Ever since then it wont extrude while printing but I can push it out. I heard something tho about replacing the tube and it would help. Yes I'am new to printing so I don't now what type of tube and what not to get I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction or tell me what new tube I should get. Thank you for any help

At first the problem that the print comes of the bed .....
it can be caused from different sources, but most of the time:

  1. dust/oil on the glass, clean it before you print you can test glue stick or hairspray for better adhesion .

  2. bad bed leveling, either is the "gap" (should be as close to no gap but no real touch with the glass or at least with a minimum of force) to close or to great, even sometimes just unleveled in general.
  1. Maybe there is a offset present in your printer configuration (search unter "control>motion> z offset" or something similar you can play a bit with that). At least I had this problem with the "cat.gcode" from the CR-10 included SD-card.

  2. Which slicer do you use ?! In most of the them you can define special settings for the first layer, you should print the first layer with a slower speed (I take 50%), you should be able to set a printing width somewhere, right now you should have a 0,4 mm nozzle, the printing width should be bigger than the nozzle (I use from 0,45 - 0,5mm with a 0,4 nozzle) size so that the nozzle squeeze the filament a little on thebuild surface.

  3. The bed temperature can make a big difference, too. If you print ABS and your bed temperature is to low you have no chance that your print will stick to the bed.

  4. You should print at least with a brim (maybe even a skirt or raft) I take 2 or more layers, a brim helps to get a continous filament flow before you print the actual first layer of your model, it's simply draws some extra lines around your print object.

If you can't extrude at all it could be because your extruder (yellow thing) is "grindig" filament, that means it is so tight and strong and your filament is so tough to unroll that it basicly shreds your filament when it try to push filament through the "white tube". If you take the filament out it shuld have "teeth dents" but no splinters or something like that. If the yellow extruder is to loose it simply can't grip the filament.
Try to watch the yellow extruder working and see if the hobbed gear is able to move and push fillament (maybe the tension to unroll the fillament is to great and the stepper moter is skipping steps ... I don't think so but maybe thats the case)

BTW note due the long white tube (PTFE [Teflon] bowden tube) it may take a while to reach the hot end if you don't push the filament all the way to the hot end before.
I don't think you have to replace the tube with the first prints unless you, heat up your hot end to rediculous temperatures for long times.

Sorry for the bad spelling I'm a bit in hurry and on mobile.

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Are you too close to the bed? If you are then the pressure in the nozzle builds up on the first layer and you will get extruder skipping.

No I mean it wont extrude at all while printing, but I can push it through tho.

I'm having same problem, I cleaned the nozzle and everything, I used flashforge PLA and it is now giving the problem.