Is the Creality Good?

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I want to get into 3d printing but I'm a broke high student. Is this printer the best for the money? it has the build plate that I want and is able to print with multiple types of filaments and is under 500 . I wanted to ask from actual owners of this printer if this printer is worth the time and effort to buy this modded it to print better or not.
Also want mods should I do to make this print the best it can and common issue that I need to look out for

Great to see all the good comments, just place the ordered today, cant wait for the printer to arrive

To be honest, all of the youtube reviews are dead on accurate. This printer is amazing for the price. The quality of prints I get out of mine are top knotch. CR-10 is worth twice its asking price

Please see Joel's video at the 9:50 time or so you are getting the cost for a Penny per Cubic Centimeter the lowest of all.
I ordered mine back when Preston of "PRESS RESET" ran his video and scooped mine up for $389.
I did pull the trigger too soon, I had it sitting in my wish list and a day after ordering it was offered to me at $369.
With all the YouTube reviews going on the back log is weeks or months coming from China; and prices are rising on the shortage.
It took over 8 weeks to get mine, so be patient.

I am also a broke high school student and I think that its the best you can get.

Look 3D Printing Nerd review yesterday from youtube. CR-10 is best you can buy right now for the money. I did get my CR-10 this week. Its amazing, and really easy to build!

get this printer. go to home depot and buy some plexi glass and make a box to but over it, print some clips what have you to hold the plexi sheets togeather. bam best printer on the market

but for real i have a printrbot and two flashforge dreamers, this prints better than both of them, i think alot of it has to do with it simplistic design, really quality components and the bowden extruder making the gantry super light. you really cant go wrong with it.

also you should probably buy simplified 3d as soon as you can afford. maybe its just me but as soon as i bought it every printer i use got better prints


The CR-10 is a good printer for the price.
We have printed TPU with it without any mods. You
would just have to play with the sittings.
For your price range CR-10 is a good buy.


You should buy a printer for use out of the box not future mods. The cr-10 is a very good printer but will be limited to pla out of the box. Yes abs is possible so is tpu but you will need to mod the extruder setup. Abs may need a more controlled environment. A $700 prusa i3 mk2s would be a better printer but its a kit and its over your budget. Do some research first before you jump in.

No offense nuggyblake, but as to my experience there is no "3D-printer out of the box" at least not below 1000$. By the way the 700 bucks you named are the KIT-price of the MK2s. The build up version is about 1100$ at the Prusa shop.

Even the Da Vinci Pro (got mine for about 700 Euro) which looks like a consumer product needs lots of tweaking.

On the risk of repeating myself: Go and get youself the CR-10. It is a fine printer. From my printers (Da Vinci Pro, Anet A8 and CR-10) it is the only one which I didn't modify yet. The first thing I'll do is build an enclosure. The second thing is.... setting up my second CR-10 which is still in the box right behind me. :D

I have one...... whats your point ! If you buy something and its broken out of the box, its crap. You should atleast be able to use the thing. Tweaking means you improve it. You missed the point. Anet a8 is crap as you are rolling the dice with every build. The mk2s is $750 for a kit and works without any tweaking ? My da vinci pro needs no tweaking? It works ? I never ever bought one of my 20 plus printers expecting a turd in a box. I expected it to work then I tweaked to make it better.

As I foresaw your reaction I told you "no offense", didn't I? No need to take it personally.

I think we all agree that 3D-printing is rather a combination between science and craft (and to some point philosophy I guess). And no one can expect to unpacke the printer, load filament and print as customers are used to from 2D-printers. Agreed?

Tha fact that you received a broken CR-10 doesn't mean it is a bad product in general. Every product from highend smartphones to cars (no matter which manufacturer) can arrive broken.
But my Cr-10 works just fine and the construction itself is solid und sturdy as hell. No wobbeling, no shaking. If your Da Vinci needs no tweaking then we will talk on that the day the axis of the left x-axis pulley has eaten it's way through the belt-tensioner. ;)

The ANET A8 is not crap - it is cheap as hell. What do you expect. It needs just some understanding of the construction and the problems it brings. Two days of testing and - yes - tweaking it delivers better results than my Da Vinci ever could.

re read and you will see you are agreeing with me. Wonderful things opinions, we all get one.

My conclusion to TheBearClaw: Get that printer as it is the best you can get for your money. Prepare to tweak it and maybe you will need to reorder one or the other spare part. The only issue I had after 2 month of nearly continous printing is a bearing which seems to be failing. It still works but looses what might be parts of it sealing or such. I agreed with my vendor on a 20€ refund and ordered 4 of them.

I agree. Print the bed strain relief and voila ! The anet is a turd. Its a c hair better than the tronxy clone of it.