CR 10S Change Filament Error

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So I searched all over but couldn't find a similar issue, I am using a CR 10S past one month, it works fine until now when i was printing a huge print after around 30 hrs of continuous printing it started pausing with change filament error.. i just had to resume print but this error kept showing after few hours and i guess it happened 3-4 times during the print finally i gave up and stopped the print. the filament detector is working fine with the blue led on , i just dont know what the issue is, any one has any solution? btw i had a brand new roll of filament for this print

I had the exact same problem. I had to glue the wire in place. Its all fixed now.

which wire did you glue

glue the wire that comes from the control box and connects to the filament sensor.

yes but I am confused whether I should glue it inside the control box or at the filament sensor?

At the filament sensor

which wire did you glue ?

I don't know for sure, but maybe your filament sensor is borderline. I saw a video where it would not detect filament sometimes even though filament was present. It had to do with the bend of the filament. Maybe you can try the filament sensor rotated 180 deg around the filament or take it apart and bend the arm on the microswitch a bit. If it's not the filament sensor, I don't have a clue.

i guess you might be correct on this need to check with the filament bending