CR-10 Mini strange LCD problem

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Recently my CR-10 Mini has begun to show some strange problem . The LCD screen scrambles and becomes
unreadable . Sometimes it splits to 2 parts - http://i66.tinypic.com/2w4z6z9.jpg
Does anybody knows the cause and the solution for this problem ?


read someone saying theirs did that and when they loosened the screws holding the lcd screen a little it sopped doing it.. like the screen was being pinched or on a bind by the overly tight screws

I experienced the same, at some point it even starts displaying ?Chinese? characters. It keeps on printing just fine though(OctoPi>usb). And Its gone after a power cycle.
I checked the cables inside the box to see if I could find a loose connection, but found nothing out of the ordinary so far.

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exactly the same situation .. i even suspected raspberry zero w (octopi) so i disconnected it and tried directly from sdcard . The problem still continues . When you restart the printer it has gone . I think that it is board related issue .

have you checked for a loose connection inside

I've asked creality support for this protblem and they said to open and check screws of lcd display . They were overtight and after i loosed them the screen begun to work as expected.

No i didn't check , i will .
strange thing is that when i power off-on the lcd doesn't have a problem . When i start a printing , then the problem surfaces (4-5 min after beginning).