Requesting help to identify CR-10 S5 main board

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I'm planning on a couple of big upgrades to my CR-10. Both require firmware modification. I hear that there is a gotcha with older main boards requiring reflashing the bootloader. I've poked around the interwebs, looking for ways to identify the board version that I have, and I'm just confused. I have the board in the attached image. My machine also has the filament detector. However, there are no marks indicating whether or not it is a CR-10S S5, and a don't see an obvious version mark on the PCB.

I have some experience with Atmel AVR and ATMega series micros, and some familiarity with Arduino. However it's also my M.O. to completely miss the obvious and immediately brick the thing I'm trying to program.

Can anyone help me identify this board?

Oh, and do you happen to know which pin is used for BLTouch solenoid actuation?



That looks like the newer version board, as there are 2 z stepper connections and the filament sensor.

Cool. Thanks. That is the confirmation that I was looking for. What confused me is another image I found that shows a "Creality V2.0" mark, on a slightly different board.

Second assumption: I should be able to connect my PC to this board via USB, and update the firmware to Marlin 1.1.7 or 1.1.8, using the Arduino IDE, without any special preparations. Is that correct? Like I said, I tend the miss the obvious; the details that somehow everyone else takes for granted.

The TH3D site has pre-setup Marlin using the Unified Firmware. :)

EdGoodson, houseofbugs, Thank you. Both resources are helpful. I had no idea that there is a unified firmware version. Having the Atmel micro part number to go by gives me a reliable identifier that I can relate to.