Mirror/PEI Bed and Temp

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I have a mirror with a sheet of PEI attached to the bed of my printer (with the ubiquitous binder clips) and everything is working fine. I have been printing PLA at 60C bed temp. But I am about to try ABS for the first time which needs a much higher bed temp. So I'm wondering if the mirror/PEI combo reduces the surface temp of the build surface to something less that the set value. I would think it might, for no other reason that the mirror has a layer of mercury between the aluminum bed and the glass of the mirror. And then there's the PEI too. I don't have anything to measure the actual temp of the build surface, so just wondering if anyone has made any observations about the actual temp of the build surface vs. the temp setting.

Whethr you use cardboard or anything you choose, you need t make an enclosure around an ABS setup, so its in a warm environment, you can even heat up the environment with a hair dryer. Its the temperature differential that make the ABS warp.

Ah, the simple life of PLA. You guys are starting to scare me! Melted connectors, shorted motherboards, enclosures, warping...not to mention fumes and extrusions problems I've read about elsewhere. All of this just because I want to experiment with using acetone to smooth my prints. And acetone has its own long list of do's and don'ts!! I'm glad I only bought one roll of ABS to try out. It should arrive today, and if you guys never hear from me again, you'll know that either the ABS or the acetone got me. Please tell my family I loved them.

I use a mirror on the bed of my S4 (nothing else) and used an infrared thermometer to check surface temperatures. With the bed at 70C my surface measured about 66C. I can't attest to the accuracy of the infrared thermometer and I don't know if the reflective surface messes with the readings but it's pretty much what I expected. The thermistor and heating element are both attached directly to the aluminium, it makes sense the surface of the mirror would be a bit colder.

70C was just an arbitrary test. For PLA I have the bed set to 65C (so ~61C effective).

That would make sense. So to run a true bed temp of 110C (what I've seen recommended for ABS), I would need a setting of 115-120C.

Using mirrors and/or glass plates on top of my aluminium bed too an i love it, just swapping to another mirror/glass and starting a new print in a couple of seconds. I always set the temperature around 10°C more to compensate the difference. I would like to add, that if you print ABS or ASA which needs higher build plate temperatures, just make sure that you check your connectors regularly, I already had two issues whit longer prints.

First one was that the plastic connectors on the aluminium bed melted during a print that took more than 2 days of non-stop printing. The bed was set at 120°C, it was easy to resolve by soldering the cables directly to the bed. the second time on another self made printer i had to replace the complete mainboard due to the same issue, the plastic connector melted away on the mainboard and caused a short circuit on it, ending up in complete replacement of the mainboard. I've added a mosfet now and looks like it holds well, and if replacement would be needed over time it's much cheaper than replacing the mainboard.