Printing mask on CR-10 - support advice

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I'll be printing a mask face up, it needs touching buildplate support and I wonder what settings will give me good support under the face, but easy, clean removal? I've not used supports much but enough to know sometimes it removes easily and other times it can be a nightmare. Trying to avoid the nightmare here. It's a long print and I need to make two with no time for experimenting so hope someone can help.

I print with Cura PLA Low Quality defaults, last time I used support these were the settings... it worked ok but if there's better I'd like to know - these are just guesses :)

Touching Buildplate,
Support overhang angle 60,
Pattern Zig Zag,
Density 10,
Horiz Expansion 0.2 (default),
Support Infill Layer Thickness 0.15 (default),
Infill Steps 0 (default)


Just my 2 cents but I used DENSITY @ 7% and also selected LINES. You may have to go into settings and add that checkbox and it all turned out great that way. Hope it helps.

I haven't used it but do see Lines as an option, thanks :) And I was worried about lowering the density further so that's good to know.
Thanks chux72vette