Broken 4-Pin Socket (Heatbed)

CR-10S Heated_Bed Help

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I have an issue. My heatbed stopped working. After searching where the issue comes from, I realized that one cable at the 4-Pin Socket is completely ripped. My knowledge about electronics is very poor, so I don't know how I could fix this issue. I wanted to ask if there is any "pre-soldered" / pre-assembled socket, that I just have to screw into the case and connect the wires to the internals?
Or if there is no such thing, what parts do I need, to try it myself. And where do I get the schematics from?

I have a soldering iron at home, so I could try it.

I attached 3 pictures of the broken connector.

I am happy about any helpful / informative answers.
Thanks in advance.

Hi just wondering if you ever fixed this issue and if you found a part mine has snapped in the exact same place as yours im gutted

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Hmm it's hard to tell at that angle and lighting but it appears the solder cup is still intact but the shrink tubing is still around part of it. It also looks like that is the panel mount receptacle connector that is installed inside the control box. That is surprising as it may have been a cold solder joint that excessively heated up and broke off.

That looks to be a generic circular connector, GX16-4 (4 Pin). I am not sure if there are pre-terminated version the panel mount female connector. You might be able to find cables that use both ends but I could not find a panel mount receptacle version.

Depending if the solder cup is still good and if you are confident in soldering you can remove the the connector along with the other wires that are part of that connector from the control box.

Mount the connector on a vise, remove the shrink tubing from both ends (connector and wire). Then using the soldering iron and solder wick, remove any excess solder in the solder cup and clean up any burnt flux with isopropyl alcohol after. The wire should already be tinned, install shrink tubing over the wire and slide it back far away from the tinned end. Use a bit of flux or flux core solder wire and solder the wire to the connector solder cup. Clean up the solder joint of any burnt flux, inspect for a good joint and then slide the shrink tubing over the joint. Heat the shrink tubing up and and re-secure the wire together with a cable tie.