Weird noises and other stuff

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Hi everyone,
I made a video of my CR-10S right after I started a print. It makes this weird sound and won't begin at the correct position on the table. I'm using Cura 4.13 and haven't changed any of my settings. The really weird thing is I can turn the printer off & turn it back on and usually it will print perfectly. Kind of like a hard reset on a computer (Dell or HP) Is this a firmware issue? I bought a CR-Touch I was just getting ready to install, but I'd rather put it in my Ender 3Pro than waste it on a printer on it's way out. Any suggestions? I'm relatively new to all this. I haven't edited code in Cura or anything, but I'm an accomplished computer geek. I can fix most things with good instructions. ;-)
Here is the link to my video:

Did your printer home properly when starting up? Sounds like the stepper motor is missing steps. Very similar to when the motor hits something physical and cannot get to the end stop limit switch.

Yes, it did home correctly. I can turn it off then back on and usually get a good print. When I try to go straight to another (or a 2nd) print it starts to make that noise.

are all axes free? sounds like there is something blocking the X-Axis

I have moved it when the printer is turned off just to make sure that everything is "moveable." Do you think that it's possible this is a firmware issue?

The next step in analysis would be: try to move X and Y axes with interactive firmware control to find out which axis is not working. If none of the axis are working properly it might be the firmware. Did you flash it?
If one motor is working the idea is to swap the stepper drivers for X and Y axis and repeat that to check whether it is the motor or the driver. But beware: Drivers usually get busted, when enabled and the stepper motor cable is disconnected. So, you must avoid this situation.
The procedure is: Turn off your printer, check for any electrical connection problems first. Then swap the cables on the main board. Switch on your printer and only (!!!) use interactive firmware control to move the X an Y motors as end switches will not work in this configuration. If the problem is on the other axis, then the corresponding driver is busted otherwise the stepper. Don't forget to swap back the cables ...

Thank you soooo much!! That's exactly the kind of help I need! I'll be trying this out tonight! Thanks again for the step by step help!!

Sounds like stepper motor failure but check belts and drives are not loose.