Layer shifting

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So I am experiencing some problems. I am trying to print a witcher inspired dice tower to get ready for when I get my copy of The Witcher: Old World. I have printed two parts so far. The first one had some terrible problems with shifting at the start but as it was overnight I didn't notice it right away. Before the second one I changed some settings in cura, and roughly the first half of the print went perfectly. Then it had a slight shift in layer but did pretty alright after that. That one can be seen in the pictures below.

However, I wanted to get it perfect so I looked up what to do and found that tightening the belts is a main thing to try out, so I did that. I also found a video of a person having the same problem, he removed his feed sensor and it worked smoothly after that. I did these things but the prints start to layer shift immediately now.

In all of these prints, the shifting has only been in the x axis, never in the y axis.

Could anyone please help me figure this out?

Thank you

(put your sensor back on)

For reference, I built a CR-10 sized i3, with a 300 x 300 hot bed.
That's a lot of mass to be slinging around.
I too was shifting in both x and y, even with perfectly tightened belts.
Then I simply slowed it down to 60mm/s.
No more shift.

How fast are you trying to print this?

I've got a CR-10 v3, with a 300 x 300 hot bed too.
It's only shifting in x so it should not be the hotbed that's the problem.

I'm printing at 75mm/s. Slowed down the current print that was going somewhat ok, only very slight shifting, to 80% now (80% of 75 is 60) and I'll see if it's better after that. Here is hoping! Thanks for the response

And yeah, since removing the sensor didn't work I'll add it again after this print. Using a more or less brand new spool of filament so it's no hurry.

Shifting along the x axis is typically either belt tension too low, causing the belt to slip especially at high speeds/acceleration, or the print warping up and catching the nozzle or other part of the hotend assembly, leading to shifts.

You might double check your E-steps, too much filament may cause the nozzle to drag. If it drags on X first.
You might also check your frame and make sure it's square.
If you have double lead screws you might check to make sure the gantry parallel to the bed. If one of the steppers skipped a step it could be slightly off. Best of luck!