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start & end codes for extruder s

by wayneuk

just wondering if your using any start and end codes for the extruders or leave them blank?

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Cura settings

by AASOxRevo

Anyone have working cura settings? Get get my cr-x to print anything good besides the test prints. Cant find anything on what to changed to get a decent print from cura.

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Extruder problem

by majhmm

I just got my CR-X and I'm not sure how to add the filament because in the book or guide there is a red line that you insert the filament to, i don't have the red line, or is it just the setting in Cura.

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Nozzle size

by chrisnewman

A still-feel-like-a-dumb-noob kind of question.

I'm considering experimenting with larger nozzle diameters to make bigger prints.
Is the CR-X hot-end compatible with nozzles I've seen for sale for the CR-10? Or is there another keyword I need to look for?

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CR-X Extruder Filament Guides

by BlickyGotTheStiffy

Hey guys I just uploaded 2 extruders upgrades that prevent jamming when printing flexible filaments (PVA/TPU). I hope they help!

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