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Marlin 2.0, anyone updated?

by Adiyahu

Just noticed Tiny Machine 3D has updated a new Marlin 2.0 firmware for CR-10S PRO, should be an very old news. I actually like the new LCD interface the most. Has anyone already updated to Marlin 2.0 with stock CR-10S PRO mainboard?

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Filament sensor jammed?

by ItsNotSmalls

Out of the box my printer worked great but the first time I tried to use a different color of filament I realized that nothing can go all the way past the filament sensor. I don't know how there would be something jammed in there.
My current work around is to put another filament in there just far enough for the sensor to see it. This works fine for now but I don't want that to be the permanent setup.
I know that probably the only solution is to take it apart but I'm hesitant to do so. Any advise?

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Extrusion issue

by dragonfly01

The CR10s-Pro has worked for months. Suddenly the printer is experiencing extrusion issue. If I print a cube, 2/3rds through, it acts like it jammed. It's not jammed though and I can restart the print. It will print 2/3rds and have trouble.

I have replaced the stepper motor and the extruder. Same issue.
Different filament. Same issue.

The hotend temp does not fluctuate.

I am wondering if I have a mainboard issue.

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Creality CR10s Pro V2

by Xackman

Has anyone been able to get their hands on the V2? If so, is it much better than the pro, out of the box? I've seen some things about the upgrades but want to get actual opinions.

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Leveling issue

by bobenten

I have changed hotend on my cr 10s pro.
After that I needed to make a new leveling, but It doesn’t work. I have checked various instructions on Youtube.
The problem is the following: When I click the Leveling button the unit first goes to the front left corner and then to the middle.
The nozzle goes down first once until the led goes on, after that another time . The third time the nozzle goes down,the led goes on but it doesn’t stop. I have to shut the machine down.
Any advise would be helpful.
Best regards

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