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Failed Firmware update

by Schnookums

So I was updating the firmware using my laptop and it just...stopped about 80% of the way through. And now I can't get past the splash screen when I boot up. Is there any way to recover this at all, or am I going to have to bite the bullet and replace the motherboard?

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Z-axis sensor repeatability poor

by kayakingphotos

Are others having issues with the repeatability of the z-axis? Its pretty much a guarantee that I'll have to manually adjust the offset for every print I do. I've tried with both the original build surface (which was not the flattest...) and a glass mirror. Even when I leave the printer on between prints it will not be very accurate.


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cr 10 s pro heat bed at -15 c

by thegarygnu

my heat bed will not engage it says -15 c.........is this software or a temp Gage or sensor fouled out....i also had the 2 loose screws in the box issue.. fixed that and had over 100 good hours before the heat bed issue............help ... my robot is down...on a side note..bought it thru amazon... they will replace it for free..........hope this isnt a normal problem

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warning when receiving your CR10S-Pro "Z Axis"

by Tdoc31

Just received my CR10S-Pro and first thing I saw was the attachement to the Z Axis missing 2 screws !!

I just dont understandhow this can be possible, they dont do quality check after production ?

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Micro swiss upgrade for the cr10s pro.

by peter247

Ive had my cr10s pro 4 months so it may be time for a upgrade ?. So far Ive had no problems with the stock hotend other than 2 clogs, which for 3d printers are a fact of life.
Is the micro swiss hotend upgrade for the pro a worth while upgrade ? or should I just save my money and just go for the bltouch.

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