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Ender 5 Plus stepper motor current ratings

by Recoil1980

The X and Z steppers are 42-34's, E is 42-40, and I believe Y is 42-48 (no sticker on that one). I am finding conflicting information on the specs of each of the motors, specifically the current rating of each (1.5A versus 0.8A, the same for all) so I can setup new 2209 drivers in the firmware for Marlin on an BTT SKR V1.4 Turbo.

After unsuccessful searches, and no response from Creality, I'm hoping someone here knows where to find the information at. Thanks in advance!

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So I designed and printed this case due to having a specific camera and no previously designed cases would fit properly.... So FTIJPI after I design it, lol.

CHECK IT OUT HERE: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4729272

ENDER 5 Rpi camera case and mount for
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Ender 5 plus part cooling

by huntero32

How is the parts cooling on the stock ender 5 plus? What fan ducts would you guys recommend?

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Ender 5 Plus bed too low

by EricSmith007

Here recently Ive bought a Ender 5 Plus cause I needed a bigger sized printer and I went with Creality since ive had a good record with them ive bought the Ender 3 and had basically no issues with it but and it was alot cheaper so I bought it and got one print successful I had the auto bed leveling turned on so it did that but mid print I had to raise the bdd a lot just to get it to stick but now im having the same issue expect its not sticking no matter how high I had the wheels set Ive twisted them so much that their almost off so Idk what to do if someone can help as soon as possible that would be great

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Ender 5 camera placement

by zackpollard_04

I've been trying to find the best spot to put my camera (just using a wyze cam until I get my webcam set up on Octopi) on my Ender 5, and I've played around a few different spots. I'm just wondering if others have cameras set up, where you put them or what kind of accessories you use for placement. Throw in some pictures of your set up.


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