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Bantamount - Base plate for Ender 5 requested, pretty please?

by Buurmannetje


I am looking at the Bantamount, does anyone have the mount baseplate that fits on the Ender 5 with stock/micro swiss hotend? The default is a CR10/Ender3 and the plate isnt the same....
Beginner here, still finding my way with CAD stuff...

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Hot End Keeps Blocking!

by quad121

Good afternoon to you all.
I have a rather strange occurrence happening, when printing 'Benchy' it prints perfectly fine till it gets to the top half where for some reason, the nozzel jams and the extruder starts juddering.
I end up pulling the filament out after heating the HotEnd up, trimming the end of the filament and feeding it back in where it pushes through perfectly and extrudes out of the end.

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Why did this happen? First print.

by brewser724

Just got the Ender 5 pro set up and after 6 hrs of printing, this is what emerged. I didn't catch it when it happened but can't understand what might have gone wrong and if I did/didn't do something to instigate it. Any helpful advice appreciated. Thanks, EB

FIRST piggy_bank test_print
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Ender 5 Plus bed too low

by EricSmith007

Here recently Ive bought a Ender 5 Plus cause I needed a bigger sized printer and I went with Creality since ive had a good record with them ive bought the Ender 3 and had basically no issues with it but and it was alot cheaper so I bought it and got one print successful I had the auto bed leveling turned on so it did that but mid print I had to raise the bdd a lot just to get it to stick but now im having the same issue expect its not sticking no matter how high I had the wheels set Ive twisted them so much that their almost off so Idk what to do if someone can help as soon as possible that would be great

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