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Hero Me Remix 2 with Robust Assembly & Extended cable Management

by BoothyBoothy

Hi All,

For anyone interested I have remixed the Hero Me Fan Duct 4010 & 5015 dual fan ducts for the stock Hot End. It includes:

1.Robust single tab, dual fix assembly.

2.Extended Wire management to hide all fan cables (part visible in 5015 duct).

3.Individual duct assemblies to maximise nozzle visibility.

4.All parts print without support.

The thing does not include any levelling sensor attachments or non stock Hot End facilities.

Best Boothy


Hero Me Remix 2 with Robust Assembly & Extended Wire Management
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My Warped Bed Solution

by markday

Hello Group

I have a Ender 5 but the middle of the bed was a little low

I found two great ways of solving this

1st was was to screw all the adjusters up to pull the corners down then adjust the bed home screw so you can bring the bed closer to the extruder then unscrew the corners a little.

2nd way was to get a mirror and sand it with wet and dry paper and it works great ( must sand it ) , I put the bed up to 70 degrees.

Thought id share ...

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Ender 5 octopi

by zackpollard_04

This may be an obvious question, but I have octoprint on my raspberry pi, but when I assembled my Ender 5 I realized there was no USB B port. How ever there is a mini usb port next to the sd card slot. Am I able to connect my Pi into this port to run octopi, or am I missing something?

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Ender 5 camera placement

by zackpollard_04

I've been trying to find the best spot to put my camera (just using a wyze cam until I get my webcam set up on Octopi) on my Ender 5, and I've played around a few different spots. I'm just wondering if others have cameras set up, where you put them or what kind of accessories you use for placement. Throw in some pictures of your set up.


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Ender 5 Good Buy ?

by Lordys1980

Hey guys i know maybe a lot of users are asking this but i just had a worse experience with a Anycubic 3 + and sending it back to anycubic .
now i'm looking at a lot of review's and this one is coming out great.

what are you thinking buy or look for something better

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