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Z-Axis Step Skipping

by Hearing

I've had my ender 5 for about a year (not very old) and found out that my z-axis skips one step every two which shrinks my prints in half along the z-axis! I checked my cura settings but everything is fine. It's exactly shrinking my parts down to half and I don't know what to look at.

My wires are fine, cura is fine, but when I tried to max out my z-axis motion, it stopped halfway too!
I don't know what settings to look at.

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HI Fellow printer's
I am new to 3d printing less than a year. I got a brand new ender 5 plus and after setting up to test print, the extruder motor stopped working.
After contacting the sell on ebay to walk me through some trouble shooting, switch x wire to extruder the motor works.
The seller is sending me a new board.(from china) So I did not want to wait long so I got one from amazon. I installed the new board in and
heated up the nozzle to 200c and ran some filament, just to find that after I started a print the extruder motor stopped working AGAIN!!!
I have even changed the wire with no luck!!!
I kind of know my way around a printer with a anycubic mega s running all the time.
Has anyone had this kind of bad luck before?

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X-Axis buzzing when bed is heating

by erroliballi

Hello friends,

After I use my Ender-5 couple of months, it has started making weird buzzing noise mainly coming from the nozzle area and there is some vibration as well.
I think RonMcKay ran into a similar problem:


First I was also thinking to replace my board thinking that it might be a faulty stepper driver. But I traced down the problem and found out that buzzing occurs only when the bed is heating. So logically I would replace the power supply believing that it can not cope with the power demand which has been an issue with creality products I guess? (I have landy) (when the bed is heating stepper drivers fall short on current and than start doing weird stuff like that?). But then why only x axis driver is causing that? why not y as well? (yes, I swapped the connectors and problem switched to y axis...).

I checked vref settings they seem fine, also played with them a little to see if they have any effect.. nope.. At the moment I don't have any option to test it out with an external power supply.

Video: https://youtu.be/q0EETmrmeIo

any Ideas? I appreciate the help.

bed buzzing Creality_Ender_5 ender_5 Heated_Bed heating power power_supply stepper_driver stepper_motor
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Pivoting Display Housing for the BTT35 TFT & Stock Displays

by BoothyBoothy

Hi All, I have published this thing here:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4624670

You may need some longer Ribbon\Serial cables depending how high the thing is positioned. Iused a 400mm riibon cable with the Stock Display which was just the right length.

Best Boothy

Pivoting Display for Ender 3 - Pro - V2 - Ender 5 - BTT 35TFT & Stock
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z height fine tuning

by steveiforgot

So i have my ender 5 pro almost completely fine tuned, since my last round of upgrades, but the 20mm cube z axis is coming out at 19.35mm. Anyone happen to have and suggestions on how to fine tune this further? Just not sure what settings to try changing, thanks all.

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