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Gantry and pulleys jerky

by Mickyas

Just purchased an ender 5 plus and have absolutely NO experience of 3D printers whatsoever. The problem is, ive now got it all built and moving the gantry and print head pulley by hand (i haven't dared even plug it in yet) they move a few centimetres then 'jerk' as if there was a notch in the rail and its 'dropping' in to it (there's not)
Anyone any ideas as to what it is???
Thanks in advance

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Rough Layer Lines

by Marty_Z

Hello everyone, i'm new to the thingiverse forums, and have been 3d printing for about 6 months now. Just got my second printer, Ender 5 Plus, about a month ago and have been working towards turning it into a dedicated high temp filament printer. But prior to doing that I just wanted to see how it prints, and I am honestly very disappointed compared to my first printer, the Ender 3 V2.

If you look at the attached photos, which are standard XYZ blocks at 200% size. You will notice that the layer lines are extremely visible and are very rough. I am using the exact same zyltech pla and slicer settings I am using on my Ender 3, and on the Ender 3 they come out perfectly smooth.

I thought at first that is was the temp since my Ender 5 is in the garage in NJ, and temps are not conducive to 3D printing. But I just completed the full enclosure and now temps inside are around 30 degrees C, so temp is no longer and issue. I updated the firmware, adjusted the e-steps and VREF and I am still having this issue.

I am about to upgrade the motherboard and screen, SKR 1.4 turbo and TFT35 V3.0 ready to go. But I want to getting it printing perfectly first to make sure all the mechanical components work. I also lubed both lead screws with dry lube, same as I use on my Ender 3.

At this point i'm at a loss, what else should I be checking?

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TL Smoothers

by Cndmovn

Just a quick report in here. I installed TL smoothers on all 4 stepper axis . I know a lot of people just install on XY but I had 4 so I thought why not. Super easy installation and the improvement in surface finish and consistency of step was VERY noticeable. Took 15 minutes maximum from opening the printer to having it running again. I used these smoothers:


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Ender 5 Pro y axis shifting

by Ikankeli

Hi, I just got one of these with the silent board last week. After two very successful prints, I now getting prints with only the y axis shifting at every layer. It looks like the y axis shifts at the same amount as each layer height.

I've tried the following,

1) checked the belts are tight, tightened up the y axis motor pulley connections. I also chacked there are no cables snagging.

2) checked the gcode if there's any change in y axis after each layer. The y axis value hasn't changed. Also the display showed the correct Y axis at each layer.

3) I have used different slicer software, eg Creality own one (look like the original Cura), Ultimaker Cura 4.8 and Cura 14.7 (the original)

4) I also tried different SD cards including the card that came with the printer, but that didn't change anything.

5) I tried changing the print speeds but no difference.

I haven't tried to reset the firmware as I don't know how. According to the display, my firmware is version This seems the latest one with BL Touch on this website.

I have looked at the forums here and some people had success with opening the main board cover. I have now removed the cover and started another print. No success either.

I did a test using a 20 by 20 mm cube and it works fine without any shift, but the shift only happens with models with large bases larger than 30mm by 30mm

Other than contacting the seller, I am at my wits end. Any suggestions?


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by Lstar6

After finally getting my new Hot End Kit replaced, I cannot keep the bed level no matter how much I try. I manually level the bed, then I use the BL touch to do an auto level. The numbers come out really good (less than 0.09). Immediately after the test, I run it again. The numbers get progressively worse, even after auto leveling it again without touching the printer at all. It's like the bed just slowly moves up. The numbers that are changing are negative numbers. For example, it will start off with -0.0050, then after another test, it turns to -0.0999.

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