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CTC Dual SD Card Problem Solved

by mda75

I've been having problems getting my CTC printer to read any files on the SD card. Similar to a lot of other people, when I chose "Build from SD -> 3DPRINT ->" all I see is "Exit Menu" and no files listed.

I contacted CTC through their website and received the following response:

"Technology says, can you print offline with SD card and add 3D in front of the file name to see if it can be recognized? "

I have tried this, just literally adding "3D" to the start of the file name on the SD card and miraculously it now works!

thought I should share!

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WAY too high temperature even without sensor

by Tempy111

I did a print with no problem of note. the next day, I went to do another and when I turn it on, the cooling fan turns on and it is reading the temperature is 670c+ then errors for being way too high. I checked the sensor even went to unplugging the sensor, and it still does the same thing.. reading way too hgh temperature and then erroring.. So this is NOT a problem with the sensor.. So that brings me down to the board.. Oh bugger time.. maybe I need to reset the board somehow? any ideas?

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z axis shifts/tilts first 2mm above bed

by vdubadub

I've got a CTC I3 pro b I've had it for over a year now I've had lots of little problems and have a few upgrades but all and all its been a good printer..

Anyways for a month or 2 now it prints the first 10 or so layers off from the rest of the print so from layer one it starts maybe 2mm off where it should on the y axis and kind of slopes up smothly over the next 10 and the rest of the print is fine no z wobble or anything. When I move z up and down you can watch the extruder kind of droop down just before it gets to the bed and i don't really have any more adjustment in the bed to bring it up to just avoid bring it down that low...

Just wondering if anybody else had this issue or has any input...I just cant seem to get to the bottom of it..THANKS!!

CTC CTC_prusa_i3 prusa_i3_rework troubleshooting
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getting a ctc printer

by thatsherriff

so i'm thinking of getting a ctc printer (the fully enclosed dual extruder one) should i get it? What are the pro and cons and some of the most common problems you guys have had with it? thanks

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Number of Shells for Solid Prints

by andrewchoy

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows if more shells in a print with 100% infill does anything to increase strength. For instance, if I printed a completely solid part with 2 shells vs the same solid part with 4 shells.

I am using ABS for this, and I'm looking to make a part that can withstand as much pressure and stress as the material can handle. Or maybe if a 0.6mm nozzle instead of a 0.4mm nozzle could be used for added strength in a completely solid part.

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