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Cant connect via USB

by Murphyki

I have just built my CTC printer. All motors and what have you seem to work, but I can't get any slicing software to recognise my printer via USB. My PC can see the USB Comms port correctly and stably, but nothing I try (Cura and Markerbot) can find the printer.

Anyone have any ideas what to try next?

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CTC Dual Sailfish 7.7 Cura Profile for Printing

by spam_to_the_ram

I have a CTC Dual with Sailfish 7.7 and X3gWriter for Cura. In the past I was able to get a Cura profile that worked from the MakerBotReplicator selection. It now doesn't work. Does anyone have a Cura profile that works? Please let me know what it is and the settings. Thanks.

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Best slicing software for CTC?

by tialsayers

I have been using Replicator G for a few years and have had no real issues, other than lack of features (no dual extrusion and having to use another software to do multiple objects at once). My printer only reads .x3g files, so I just downloaded and have tried to use Makerbot Desktop, and most things seem to work but my machine simply will not extrude any filament. It gets up to temperature and moves around correctly but the motor that pulls the filament doesn't even sound like it's trying. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot or any other software options out there? Thanks.

CTC MakerbotDesktop Software
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CTC Dual SD Card Problem Solved

by mda75

I've been having problems getting my CTC printer to read any files on the SD card. Similar to a lot of other people, when I chose "Build from SD -> 3DPRINT ->" all I see is "Exit Menu" and no files listed.

I contacted CTC through their website and received the following response:

"Technology says, can you print offline with SD card and add 3D in front of the file name to see if it can be recognized? "

I have tried this, just literally adding "3D" to the start of the file name on the SD card and miraculously it now works!

thought I should share!

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just got a ctc bizer any tips to get it working

by Dragon54665667

so about a week ago i bought a bizer and i haven't been able to get a single thing to print on it the printer has no sd card reader so i have to use the usb connection the printer has difficulty homing and will randomly restart i have i've tried upgrading to sailfish but i cant find the download for the right version of replicatorG and the version i have wont let me instal the 7.7 firmware if anyone can help please do

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