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evenly spaced layer skips

by Tempy111

okay, I'm sure I know what's up but can't think..

When printing, there are layer skips every few layers. but they are evenly spaced throughout the print which seams to go against the idea of it being a build plate thread issue or a filament tension issue. It's a dual nozzle printer so i'll try the other nozzle to see if that prints the same. I don't think it does but there you go.

Any ideas for what causes evenly spread layer skips?

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makerbot desktop

by 5a2k

Does anyone know what printer type to use for the CTC 3d printer in Makerbot Desktop?

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Top layer alignment

by Tempy111

okay, the image is pretty bad but you can make it out.. Printing a config box due to what seams to be an minor-ish alignment problem, I see that it's pretty good, apart from near the top. When it starts the 'thicker' part, which is the top of the box, it's slight offlined. it's not coming off the platform, it's still pretty solid on that.

any ideas? looking around, i'm not 100% sure what to look for, so i'm not finding anything ^_^;

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Y axis shaft

by Belaris

Hi all My y axis 5mm shafts are bent - can i replace them with 8mm rods instead of the 5mm as i think the 8mm will be alot stronger than the 5mm and plus the 8mm are cheaper.

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CTC extruder cooling fan stopped working!

by Sebek

When printer reach over 50C cooling fan should be on. I checked mother board ( photo attached ) and voltage on both fan outputs are 1.5V and over heat led is on!!! Please help as i cant print without this fan being on!!

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