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Weird clog EVERY print

by netuno98

I have this printer for maybe 1-2 months now, and first prints were awesome. Well, for some time, it worked like a charm, but now, out of the blue, every print I try, it clogs mid way.
It is so weird. I have no idea what is happening and EVERY print I need to disassemble the nozzle and the motor to unclog on the same spot.
Right on that gear behind the cooler.
Today I had to do it again, and the image below is what I pulled off of it

What do I have to do to print peacefully? :(

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Larger build plate

by Tappit

I had recently rebuilt my build platform to all metal, a much better performance and easier leveling. I have now enlarged the build area to 200x300mm, with borocilicate glass, I am a bit confused as to what to program the ctc replicator 1 printer to allow the 200x300mm build plate.

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WAY too high temperature even without sensor

by Tempy111

I did a print with no problem of note. the next day, I went to do another and when I turn it on, the cooling fan turns on and it is reading the temperature is 670c+ then errors for being way too high. I checked the sensor even went to unplugging the sensor, and it still does the same thing.. reading way too hgh temperature and then erroring.. So this is NOT a problem with the sensor.. So that brings me down to the board.. Oh bugger time.. maybe I need to reset the board somehow? any ideas?

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CTC Bizer

by BigBurg

I am currently converting my CTC bizer to a single extruder: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1336355/comments
Upon removing the left extruder I keep getting an error popping up every so often telling me to check the wiring for the left extruder, is there a way to disable this?

Also any recommendations on hotends, as well as any other hardware upgrades that are useful?


Lightweight Dual to Single Extruder Conversion with Active Cooler for CTC / Flashforge
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Out of ideas - extruder clicking

by Mattuwattu


I’ve a CTC dual head that has run faultlessly for 170 hours. Whilst pumping out covid face shields the extruder started clicking intermittently until a few prints later it’s constant and not feeding filament.

I stripped the extruder and found no obvious issues. As it’s a dual head, for a quick fix I swapped extruder parts as I’d never used the dual extruder functionality. The main extruder had a new stepper, nozzle, tube etc. The only parts unchanged were the heater, fan and thermistor. The outcome was the same - constant clicking

I’ve done the obvious troubleshooting - cranking the temperature higher, tried different filaments, switched around stepper drivers on the main board, but no joy. I’ve also loaded filament into both extruders and they are both clicking.

I’m out of ideas and would appreciate any pointer. I suspect the mother board could be the issue but I’m reluctant to throw £100 on a replacement if it’s not at fault.

Thanks in advance!

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