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Really Bad Y-axis Shift

by Gavon88

I have a CTC Maker bot replicator 2 and when ever i print after about 10 or 20 layers the Y-axis shifts over about 3 to 5 mm then does that about every 5 layers after that. Has anyone else had this problem or something like it.

(i am using sailfish)

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Slicer Software

by jkpeters

Has anyone try any other softwares that have work great?

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CTC printers for sale.

by Dave_H

I have upgraded to a larger 3D printer. I have 2 ctc printers for sale. Both were working when replaced. First has the original motherboard and a spare motherboard, single nozzle, glass bed. Second has a MKS Genv1.4 board, MKS display, single nozzle, glass bed. I can post one , at cost, but the other will need picking up. Both sold as seen, See attached pics, reasonable offers please.

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Not extruding at printing but WILL extrude at loading

by VaultWanderer

I have a CTC dual that I upgraded the bed and the print heads to E3d heads. For years this printer with the upgrades has been amazing in print quality. (For its price range.)

I recently had the thermocouples fail and updated to a nicer threaded thermalcouple. While at it I also replaced the heaters with new 24 volt heaters.

The printer now does not work anymore. It loads filament fine, and will happily extrude it like everything is normal, but when I go to print from SD a get skipping and zero to nearly zero extrusion.

I am using Simplify 3d and a Bowden system. However that was never a problem before.

Is there a software update I need for the ohm resistance of the new heater or thermocouple? I did notice the thermocouple is off by about 8c, however even when compensating in S3D, it still does the same thing. No prints! Thinking it must be a software issue?

Any ideas?

Worse case, what do I need to change this to a newer main board like a 12volt system? Thinking the factory one is just too clunky?

Thanks all!

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NOOB with a CTC

by jkpeters

I just got my ctc, it work great for a bit then started clicking and jumping. So I did a little research and replace the ptfe tube. Now its not as bad. I can push the filament thru the nozzle, and I can see when it jumps the filament has little thin areas in the line when it comes out. I clean the gear Im lost. Can someone help. This thing is all stock no upgrades.

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