Am8 upgrade

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I've a ctc prusa and I'm wanting to upgrade it to an AM8 which is originally for the anet prusa. Has anyone went through this conversion process and if so is there anything else I need to get to make it work?

I have, I'll have to have a look to know for sure what the differences are. But the lengths of the extrusions you'll need are different. The printed parts are fine I I believe. Can't tell for sure as I designed some parts myself.

If you're still into it I'll look up what I changed.

If you just want a better printer, buy an ender 3 or a cr10. If you like tinkering with 3dprinters (like I do) I recommend doing the am8 upgrade.

Awesome. Thanks for getting back to me. I love tinkering with printers which is a big part of why I want to do the upgrade.
Am I right in saying the differences are purely in the smooth rods? If I buy a new set of those can I just go ahead with the build as normal?
I'm definitely going to get an ender 3 at some stage, my decision is purely between forking out ~£120 for the AM8 upgrade (and all the other bits I want to upgrade while I've the printer in bits) or just getting an ender 3 for around £160.

I would say save your money and buy an Ender 3. I did. Stop trying to polish a turd. Just my 2 cents

Sage advice! I'd actually really wanted to buy an Ender 3 then my wife surprised me "You know the way you wanted a 3d printer, well I bought you one!" I was devastated lol even ended up paying for it myself, but that's a different story!

I've a few upgrades already bought and I'd planned on replacing the belts, threaded rods with leadscrews, new bearings etc. Most of the fun was going to be the actual project of converting it, but I'd just read about people having issues doing the conversion with a ctc prusa instead of the anet one and was wondering if anyone here had taken the plunge to see if it was worthwhile or if it'd be a massive headache working with instructions that wouldn't be suitable.