3D touch sensor installation and configuration

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I have a CTC prusa i3 pro B, It has a GT2560 rev A board. I've downloaded the latest version of marlin (1.9) and done the necessary changes to enable the sensor.

Gcode to deploy and retract the pin works, as does the self test, however, when I attempt to home the Z axis, without fail every time, the nozzle crashes into the bed and the probe doesn't deploy at any point

When I send M119 when the pin is triggered, I'm intermittently getting open/triggered signals. I'll send the code 10 or so times and get open, then randomly get a triggered signal, even though it should be triggered all the time..

If anyone has any ideas as to what may be the problem id be really grateful for the help, i've been at this for 3 days and no results so far.

Sounds like something wrong with sensor itself, not faulty but wrong setup. I've done 3Dtouch sensor installation in to Geeetech prusa I3 and it worked after some fine tuning of sensor. Followed this guide: http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/3DTouch_Auto_Leveling_Sensor. On a side I can say I'm disappointed with it.

Hello @jaymboii

Please do this check, put your printer to Auto Home, and when it starts to go down, put your hands so the sensor touch it

it should stop, if not, it means you have some issues on your Z-Stop connection (the 3 cables of your 3DTouch Sensor)

if you have a Tester, please check each connection works, and also well connected on the A board
, This happened to me and the issue was , that i have the 3 cables inverted