ctc i3 pro issues

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I'm a mechanical old guy that is trying to get a ctc i3 pro printer running and have a couple of issues that I can't solve.

I believe I have a Anet board with the following info. on the chip.
board V1.0

Issues are as follows:

1) I changed the original threaded screws to a 2 start, 2mm pitch, 4mm lead screw and can't figure out where I'm suppose to change the steps to mm this change requires.

2) I can't change the hot end nozzle temp. A change is Cura does not change the temp. on the display. I does heat up to 180 F but I cannot change it.

Any help would be really great


1) Here http://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/M092.html you can find how to change steps on Z axis.

2) Maybe you should use Repetier Host (or Pronterface also) to make some tests. With this software, you can send orders to your printer and also gcode directly.

Hope it helps you

Thanks for the reply, but I can't get into the firmware to change anything. How do I get into the firmware that comes with this printer to make the necessary changes?

For this parameter (#steps/mm) for a given axis (Z in this case), it's not necessary to get into the firmware for now.
Using a software like Repetier Host or Pronterface or Cura…, you have to connect your printer and type :
M92 Znnn

where nnn is the appropriate value for your new configuration

M500 tells the printer to record/memorize this value.

That's all (for now).

Probably podunk have stock marlin not supporting storing new parameters in built-in eeprom memory, version should display during start-up, I bet it is 1.0.1. There will be 2 options, upgrade marlin to 1.0.9 or add command setting new e-step value in slicer.

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Update firmware would be best option but is not recommended for inexperienced user, high risk of bricking printer and quite advanced method of unbricking it. I recommend to calculate new steps, use guide like:
and add command M92 mentioned by Balzac40 to startup script of your slicer software before homing command .
All that with assumption this is marlin firmware that is running your printer.

Hi everyone, whats the trick to get the printer to print in the center of the bed? Pronterface shows it will in the preview, but when I print it always prints in the front left corner. Thanks for any help!

Suspect your slicer is configured for delta type printer (point 0,0 in the middle of the bed), your printer 0,0 point is at the front left corner. In cura untick option "origin at center" in machine settings, don't know how it is in other slicers.