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by pjar82

hey guys im pretty new to 3d printing i have already bought a few upgrades but im getting stuck on specific parts
i live in uk and im looking for drive pulleys any ideas would be appreciated also any printed upgrades you guys think would make a great difference i would be very happy for your suggestions

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It won't print

by Nate_m_dogg

Hey guys I'm relative new to 3D printing and my printer was working fine fine until a few months ago. It seemed as if the filament feeder was not working because the filament was very inconsistent if not, there wasn't any at all. I bought some new nossils and i am going to try them today but I don't think that is the main problem. Any suggestions?

CTC extruder_wont_print Filament_Feeder
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updating firmware

by pjar82

i have tried to update to sailfish through usb and it keeps saying not a real mighty board,
so i have bought the usb avr adapter
can anyone tell me what software i will need and where to get the hex file from.
many thanks

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