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Cubify Cube 3 Supreme DualEx, TMC2208, Marlin FW, Smaller

by Generalx5

Anyone interested in modifying the Cube 3? Because I have, and I want to share with you all what’s I did...

I removed all plastics because they amplified the noise. Also removed the microchip pic control board, and put in my own board running Marlin FW, it is almost silent, the fans are the only things you’ll hear.

printer uses Marlin FW 1.1.8 on a trigorilla board with dual extruder capability, RepRap discount full graphics LCD, and custom designed extruder but using the stock bearing and teeth combo from the cartridge. All mounting parts 3d printed, added XYZ endstop switches.

I’m also using the chimera dual extruder, and has option for V5 and V6 J-head extruder, the firmware is setup for dual extruder, so if you go with single extruder, you’ll need to configure via software.

It’s a work in progress, runs on 12v 5 amp power supply. It is just barely enough. I can hear the fans drop rpms when all the steppers on both extruders heating. The load reduces as the temp stablizes.

I’ll upload firmware, STLs and Pictures tomorrow!!!

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Cura now support Bfb printers

by retur

The slicer from ultimaker, Cura now support Bfb printers. So you can use this slicer, way faster print in duo or trio.
The Beta version of the software is available.

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