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Deoptimizing going to the next layer...

by makeafix

I was wondering when I was printing something with two distinct regions, let's say, two thin pillars or one thin pillar and one big object The "fastest" way is to print two layers on one pillar and then go to the other pillar and print two layers.

Except that the first of the two layers didn't have a chance to freeze yet before the second is piled on. I think that because it switches to the other pillar to work on it, the whole layer meets minimum layer time.

Watching my printer print, I think I see this happening. As this is the result of the slicer, and thus Cura, is there a way to do the non-optimal travel and do one pillar layer, then move to the other pillar, do one layer, and then go back to the first one to increase layer time, or perhaps there's another way to do this?

Not sure if there's a name for this, but I think I see this happening and this sort of ruining some stuff as it doesn't seem to notice that minimum layer time is not honored when doing this for the freshly laid layer on either pillar.

I'm currently using Cura 4.7.

Looks like this is the problem I'm seeing: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/18733-cura-optimized-movement/

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problems after update to Cura 4.8

by quinten123

I have one Creality CR-10s 3D-printer and one CR-10v2. since the last update to Cura 4.8 the extruder doesn't start extruding. This happends from the beginning of every print. I've checked al the cables and nothing seems wrong with that. I've also checked my slicer settings. Nothing seems wrong with that either.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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PETG and z-hop

by brunoosti

Hello! I have a Anycubic i3 mega-s with linear advance enabled (k=1 for PETG) and can print a perfect 2 cylinder PETG retraction test at 30mm/s + 3mm retraction distance (and 240ºC on the hotend).
Also, I have combing disabled (because of LA). So, in a more realistic print, the head travels back and forth to complete some top parts and spaces between walls, dragging some filament with it causing layer adhesion problems.
I thought to myself this must be a z-hop issue (which is at 0.1mm right now).
I still have to test it, but I'd like you guys opinion, as I'm not that experienced and may get lost in the wrong direction.
Should I increase z-hop or should I work on better retraction settings? Is there any other thing I might be missing?

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Cura 4.x - Print Sequence - Once at a Time

by Norrin


is it possible to do sequential printing with Cura?

I do have an Ender-3 and use the latest Version of Cura 4.2.1. In the general Settings I have "Ensure models are kept apart" unchecked. In the Machine Settings I have the Gantry Height already pushed up till 999999 mm, but the sequential Print doesn't work. I've searched via google, but I couldn't find a working solution.

Have one of you a Solution? Or would it work with another free slicer?

Thank you

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Cura 4.7

by FlightDad85

So, I cannot get any of my Sidewinder X1 profiles to take in Cura 4.7. Ok, Cura wins but could someone look at this photo and tell me what is happening here so I can go back to printing multiple parts at the same time without the gaggle that is currently taking place?

cura problems slicer
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