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Help with model - extra layer

by pgrunwald


Hi All,

I'm trying to print the above model but Cura 3.6 is showing an extra 1/2 bottom layer and printing a skirt. I tried fixing the model in Meshmixer but the bottom appears to be flat. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


ATX Breakout Benchtop Supply Stand
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why is cura slicing thin wall cube so weird?

by yashrg

Background: Ran a thin wall test on my Ender 3 after upgrading the extruder to EZR struder by seemecnc. (Couldn't update the firmware due to lack of female to female jumper cables so updated esteps are being sent from slicer at start of gcode)

Issue with slicing: While Slic3r creates a very logical path where the nozzle is traveling along the perimeter extruding all the time, never breaking/traveling or doubling a line, Cura 3.6 creates path where the nozzle does a travel move from one corner to the diagonally opposite corner before traveling back. And every other layer, it also does a travel move along the side only to extrude a small blob and come back. I have attached the gcode files so you can take a look.
Interesting things to note: when I import the slic3r gcode into cura for viewing, cura seems to think the entire gcode is just one layer.

Resulting Prints: Slic3r's test prints much better than Cura's. Didn't think to get pictures because I was concerned with the gcode.

Test file: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1634337

gcode slic3r thin wall
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Nozzle ejection pre print.

by Forrest2

Upon upgrading to 3.51 My printer lays down a double row of filiment along the left side of the bed. Done, no doubt to clear the nozzle and assure the filiment’s ready to go. A very handy feature, but I want to disable it.
How can I do that?
I’m looking forward to any help from you can give.
Thank you.

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ChangeAtZ 5.1.1 and speed %

by yashrg

The short version: In Ultimaker Cura 3.5.1 when using 'Modify G-Code' to post process with ChangeAtZ 5.1.1 script, does the print speed percent always apply to the print speed designated in the settings? Or only applies to the 'current' print speed?

The long version: I use more than one ChangeAtZ script to constantly update the speed every x mm of the print. The print speed can only be entered in %. First script says print speed should be 50% next says it should be 55%. So When using multiple ChangeAtZ scripts to update speed throughout the print, does the next print speed change apply to the original print speed I set outside of Modify G-Code or the print speed that the previous ChangeAtZ script generated? Is the second ChangeAtZ going to put the speed at 55% of 50% of the original speed or 55% of the original speed?

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Tweak at Z Plugin

by rencheple

I'm always looking for ways to improve my print quality, and recently, I've encountered a number of recommendations to use the "Tweak at Z" plugin in Cura. I'm using the "new?" version of CUra, 3.1.0, and it doesn't appear to offer or support the plugin. Am I missing something here?

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