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Customizer never finishes

by ChathamDaleJ

When I am in the queue, everything I have tried to customize for a week is sitting there "spinning". Is it broken? What's up?

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When was the customizer last updated?

by Gadgetman

The version that's implemented has a serious bug regarding 'normals' that results in many objects having '0' volume when loaded in some slicers for Resin printers.
(Since we fill the resin vat before starting the print, getting this wrong could be bad... )

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Any idea when the Customizer will work again?

by costmo

I think the topic says it. Is there any clue if/when the Customizer will not be 100% broken?

I've used the website's Contact form to attempt to ask this question to Thingiverse/Makerbot staff twice, but haven't gotten a response.

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Customizer vs Animate

by phildc

Using OpenSCAD to demonstrate things (before printing).

For example, my thing 'Structure of an STL file" uses both Customizer and the animate function. Starting from a minimal STL thing with 4 surfaces, it went to a cube consisting of 5 parts.

Animation can show and hide parts automatically, and using the customizer you can hide and show again as you want.

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Customizer not working

by birdbatoune

Hi, is tere a problem with customizer, I have been trying for days and nothing works. thanks

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