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Anyone with an AiO willing to take a closeup motherboard photo?

by AbsoluteCatalyst

Specifically, a very closeup photo of the area on the top right of the motherboard where there's two "CAM1" "CAM2" ports nearby. Davinci 1.0 AiO's have this area populated with components.
I'm trying to find out what's the integrated circuit soldered in under those two ports. I believe It's used for the 3d scanner on that variant of the machine.

I own a 1.0 with a newer generation motherboard (J37 etc), however that small area is left unpopulated on my board since I have no 3d scanner. It can easily be hot-air reworked back on though.

Depending on what exactly that IC is, it may be possible to take advantage of it and use those two ports (and more) for something else. I can't find any post anywhere of someone stating what it is though.

Someone on the voltivo forums posted a photo of their board back in 2014 and shows it populated, but their photo was fairly blurry and you can't make out if there's any tiny text that's written on the IC. (I uploaded the photo with this post, and I highlighted what i'm talking about.)

If not a photo, maybe someone can quickly look closely and see if there's something written on it (There usually is, eg. Arduino's Atmega16U) using a flashlight and post it back here?
It'd be really appreciated!

AIO DaVinci_10_AiO XYZ_DaVinci
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PETG Problems

by Otha

Anyone printing PETG on a da vinci pro 1.0 that can share their settings with me? I can not for the life of me get it to stop stringing.

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davinci Pro 1.0 3-1 Scanner calibration fail

by darkprincess0212

I have a Davinci 3-1 and I'm trying to calibrate the onboard scanner. It goes through the whole calibration process, gets to 100% and says calibration fail. I can scan with it and I can get an image, but it's poor quality. It's connected via USB 3,0 and I have the most current software update. I've scanned with it in the past with no problems. I'm not sure if this is a software issue or if I'm overlooking something. Any suggestions?

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Filament stuck in extruder

by Xenagos17

I've tried numerous times to clean the extruder, by can't do a deep clean because the filament wouldn't unload. When I tried to unload it, it would make a loud noise and nothing would come out. In an attempt to fix the issue, the top of the filament snapped off inside the extruder and remains jammed there. I can't find a way to get it out after trying a bunch of things. Can anybody help?

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