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by ironjoe13

I have had this 1.0A for about a month, gone through over 2Kg of filament and had two different error codes. This last one is the 0040- and from what I've read, it does not go away.
Can I still flash it to Repetier, or should I just hit the buy button on the Type A Machines website and junk this thing?

Printer will not get out of Demo Mode

by drueplacette

The XYZ Da Vinci Jr. 1.0w I bought for my kids goes into a demo mode every time I turn it on and I CAN NOT get it to stop. I have tried pressing all the buttons on the front. I have been googling everything I can find. It just stays in Demo Mode. I want to throw this printer out the window! Can someone please help me figure out how to stop the demo mode on this thing, I would greatly appreciate it.

XYZ 1.0 not extruding filament

by teknoslave341

Can anybody help with this problem I just flash my 3D printer everything calibrated properly everything's calibrated properly height and weight and even the bed and the heat however I'm having this problem I can load and unload filament perfectly however when you go to print something on the SD card or on the printer nothing will not come out at all

feeder grinding pits in to filament

by Joosman5000

Ok, so i'm using a DaVinci3in1
printing with ICE filaments Black ABS temps are 240°C-->extruder bed is 90°
so when i try to make 36hour prints somewhere in the start it just grinds a pit in the filament and makes it so there is no more feeding

Clogged and filament stuck

by socalgal80

I am pretty new to this 3D printing world, but I have been able to make a few successful prints with my Da Vinci Pro 1.0 3in1 printer.

I was using a wood PLA filament but during a print it stopped extruding the material. I have tried to print again but nothing comes out. I did the clean nozzle function, and also tried to unload filament. It would not unload at all, but in the process the filament got jammed at the feed at the top back of printer. At this point I have the filament stuck in the extruder, maybe in the nozzle, but is free at the other end.

I have tried to remove the extruder module in order to try to clear a jam, but I cannot even pull that out because of the filament that extends down into it.

Does this make sense? Any advice? I can't see space in order to cut the filament just above the extruder module in order to pull that module out.

Thank you!

Clogged extruder