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Da Vinci Junior 1.0 Pro and Cura

by garruromon

Hi there!

I bought the Da Vinci Junior 1.0 Pro a couple of days ago and went all by the book with the initial setup, product registration and updates. First prints look fine.

But since I am using Cura for my JGAurora A3 I am currently trying to find out the specifications given by XYZ for max print speed, retraction and all that. Unfortunately I have not been able to find these. Would anyone please point me to where I can find that information?

Also, information on the filament I can use on that machine is confusing.

On the product page in English ( https://www.xyzprinting.com/en-US/product/da-vinci-jr-1-0-pro ) they list PLA / PETG / Tough PLA

On the same page, just in German (https://www.xyzprinting.com/de-DE/product/da-vinci-jr-1-0-pro) they list PLA、ABS、Flexable、Tough PLA、PETG、TPE、Nylon Carbon、PLA carbon、HIPS 、 Metal

Which information is correct?

Thank you for your help!

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Da Vinci 1.0 MK10 Nozzle Adpter

by ccmn2000

Hi fellow Da Vinci 1.0 Pro owners. We have made an aluminum adapter to allow the stock hot end to use a standard MK10 M7 Nozzle. Currently we have 1 for sale to limit support in the beginning and as a beta test. A search on eBay will return the adapter. Feel free to ask questions.
Thanks Chris

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Need some recommendations on budget filament.

by 10sanitty

I am back in the market of buying a fresh spool of filament. I normally print ABS as I like the durability a little more but I am starting to consider PLA. The last spool of hatchbox ABS I have is just not cooperating much at all. So who is making filaments that are budget friendly and easy to print with. I would like to get a spool for less than 30 to my door.

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3rd Party Slicers with DaVinci Pro 1.0

by freebird1963

Done been on here, Facebook Davinci groups, the net and most posts I find are older ones on using 3rd party slicers with the Davinci PRO 1.0
Not sure if the new firmware updates make a difference either in using them. Using 1.3.8 the lastest.
I haven't been using it much lately cuz of failed prints and issues with it giving errors saying the Printer is Busy. Drives me nuts. Not sure if its the Printer or XYZware pro or what.
So I'd like to try a different program. Slic3r/Cura or whatever works with THIS model. I am not willing to pay for simply3d since I don't use the printer for money making and like I said barely using it now. So what programs will work ? Do they work natively with it or is a manual setup needed ? (Thats one issue that has kept me from using them successfully before cuz I didn't know or couldn't find the answers to many of those manual setup needs. )
Will a 3rd party slicer print directly to the Pro or does it slice/save and then load through XYZ software ?
Or heck is the newer 1.2.2 XYZware Pro getting better enough to just use that. ?
Sorry for the long boring post.
Thanks for the help and advice

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thinking of using Repetier need more info.

by buzzerco

I have been using S3D for the last month.
And what I like about it is I can send a print job to the printer the same way as does XYZware.
And I don't have to stay connected to the PC.

I see everyone recommend Repetier to be the better firmware.
I have been thinking of flashing with Repetier the two Da Vinci 1.0a's that I have.
Put it's a one way trip so I need more info .

What I want to know is what are the steps that get the print job to the printer?

And is it the similar to XYZware so I don't have to stay connected to the PC?

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