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Mods and prints that you should do on your Da Vinci Pro.

by ChatToBrian

So you just bought you a very nice XYZPrinting Da Vinci 3D printer and you are starting with your first prints. In this topic I tell you what you should print right away and why. I hope some other Da Vinci Pro owners will also contribute to this post.

  • A filament holder. (experience level 1 out of 5))
    With a filament holder you can hold spools of filament to the back or side of your printer. This makes it possible to use other brands of filament then the XYZPrinting boxes that come with a chip and cost more then the non original spools.
    I made a spool holder that fits on the back of the printer and can hold up to 2KG spools:

  • A cooling Fan Duct for printing in PLA (experience level 3 out of 5)
    With a cooling fan duct, your PLA prints will be much better. You can run a higher temperature, so the layers melt into each other nicely and you can print bigger bridges and overhanging parts. This allows you to create things that would have not been possible before.
    I made a perfect working fan duct for two exhaust fans that can be fitted on the carriage of the printer, but you need to get you some parts (10 to 25 dollar) and you need to get yourself 5 volt power from an external supply or the internal power supply of the printer (voids your warranty).

  • A filament filter that fits on the filament holder above (experience level 1 out of 5)
    This filter can help you oil your filament and makes sure no dust will enter your machine. It's made by Flyon20s and works perfectly fine.

  • Bed plate and Spring tensioners (experience level 2 out of 5)
    Also made by Flyon20s are these bed plate and sprint tensioners that help keep the print bed stable. Now the printer will have a much more stable bed and the springs will have more tension on them, making it easier to calibrate the bed level.

  • X axis belt tensioner with bearings (experience level 4 out of 5)
    This part is made by oscahie and it's not a question IF this part is going to break, but WHEN it is going to break. As a lot of people are complaining about, this part is difficult to get from XYZPrinting but you can print it yourself while your printer is capable of printing.

Not right away, but very nice to have...

Slicers and software...

The XYZWare for pro is a very limited slicer that doesn't give you lot's of control, but it's easy to use for someone who is new to 3D printing.

The XYZWare for pro slicer allows you to import GCode made with Cura or Slic3r so you can use these slicers as well with your printer. This are all free slicers that you can download and use without any obligations.

Then there is Simplify3D. This slicer is pretty expensive while you have to pay $150,00 for the licence, but it is by far the best slicer you can wish for and it gives you total control over your print. It is worth it to consider Simplify3D when you think you are limited by the capabilities of both the slicer and printer you are using. Simplify3D will give you acces to options in your printer, like a higher bed temperature and control over time, which you don't have in other slicers.

For more tips, see my weekly video's on YouTube and follow me here on Thingiverse:

Da Vinci 1.0 PRO filament holder Large spools
Exhaust Fan Duct for the XYZPrinting Da Vinci Pro 1.0 & 3-in-1
X axis belt tensioner with bearings for the Da Vinci 3D printer
by oscahie
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Da vinci pro filament tube hitting top of printer

by Tersus222

I just received a da vinci pro and when it prints it either hits the top and and catches for a sec or the left side of the printer. I am concerned this is causing undo wear . Any suggestions on how to fix? I first noticed it when hearing a small pop sound

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Flash Davinci to Repetier set up in S3D (or use Repetier/Cura)

by Lucan07

The firmware can be found here https://github.com/luc-github/Repetier-Firmware-0.92
you will need to download Arduino IDE which I advise is older version 1.5.8 get from Arduino site for free
The instructions are in the firmware Zip two things to ensure Copy the variants.cpp and USBcore.cpp files as instructed
there is a video for this here
however I recommend only following this method as far as the compile in Arduino but in preferences tick show verbose output on compile

from there after Sketch has successfully compiled so you haven't done anything to you printer yet you can copy the output bin file (Repetier.cpp.bin I think) which is detailed in the last lines of verbose output at bottom to a safe place easy to access in dos window i.e. c:\XYZ\firmware.bin
Then copy file Bossac.exe from Arduino 1.5.8 directories to same place
You are then ready to wipe printer firmware the point of no return in the same forum topic at end I have posted the video link to go from there
Short jumper 1 or 37 depending on model with metal and turn on printer erases eprom
run program in command prompt window where ? is com port number as seen in device manager
C:\XYZ\Bossac -p com? -R -e -w -v -b firmware.bin

Then follow instructions leave usb in and computer on if new firmware not on display switch
printer off and on then load failsafe as per video 2.

You have then flashed you Duo
In S3D need to create custom printer machine
Cartesian Robot
x = 150
Y = 200
z = 200
tick Flip build table axis Y

Ready to print any questions on here most days

It is not easy to brick an Arduino board without doing physical damage touching two solder points with tweezers or divider while turning on machine is not going to damage anything, occasionally the drivers don't automatically load but uninstall turn everything off leave a few minutes and try again it works eventually. Best option is to use USB 2.0 rather than 3.0 and using the method above you only need the Bossac Programmer driver to load once and you don't touch the machine until you have firmware ready. can send the files to anyone via email at your own risk you will need to provide details of your printer and a picture of the board so I can make sure you have correct version as several different ones depending on machine model.

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Material not supported error on XYZ Davinci Pro

by virtueboy15


3D Filament Spec.: Inland PLA 1.75mm Luminous. Print Temp.: 215-230 C.

I have an XYZ Davinci Pro 3D Printer and I am trying to use the above 3rd party filament to print. However, I get "material not supported". My printer does not give me the option to choose XYZ cartridge when I try to load filament, I am immediately taken to a new menu User filament; >Apply settings; then some printing temperature settings.

I have reset my printer settings. I have upgraded my printer firmware to 1.4.0 (the latest version). I still get the same error message "material not supported".

Has anyone dealt with this before? I will appreciate any help I can get to fix this as the company is not taking any calls due to COVID-19.



filament Inland_Spools XYZ_Da_Vinci xyz_pro
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Da Vinci mini W+ prints a wrong file

by invisible_squid

The title section wasn't quite long enough.

I have a da Vinci mini w+ with 102hrs of print time, and I've had it for over a year now. Bypassing the NFC system was the first thing I did, and I have been using a few different colors of Matter Hackers and Hatchbox PLA. About a month ago, I printed a "Retro Alarm Clock Stand for the Google Home Mini" by Yelt. I printed the main body and handle at the same time. When I tried to send the file to the printer for the bells, it restarted the print for the body and handle. Today, I tried to print a set of face mask straps for the people at my work, and it still prints that old file.

TL;DR: da Vinci mini w+ is printing a previously printed file. How does one fix it?

It should be noted that this model does NOT have a removable SD card. Every file is sent to the printer either over the wifi (doesn't work on mine, go figure) or over USB type B.

Access to the memory would be through full disassembly I suppose.

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