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by CoolDAD1234

there are some crazy wack jobs in this group that all they can do is hate on the U.S.A. Look, just because you think its ok doesnt make it ok. go in your bathroom look in the mirror and hate on yourself, then when youre ready to be a good boy you can join the rest of the adults making plastic things for their kids except you make sex dice... smh, anyways get over yourself quit hating maybe youll have a better life.

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Calibration Cube

by DaVinciFun

Hey all. I've printed this cube from time to time to make sure things are calibrated on my Da Vinci 1.0A. I've come to realize that I'm missing something since the top always comes out looking like the front picture of the thing listed below. I get the wall separation and line gaps just like the makers photo. I've tried increasing the extrusion multiplier but this didn't seem to help. Any recommendations?

I use Slic3r. Nozzle 0.4mm
Under Print Settings:
Layer height: 0.2mm - First layer height: 0.25mm - Perimeters: 3 - Solid layers: 5 top and bottom
Infill: 20%
Extrustion width: 1st layer 200%
Multiplier: 0.95

I print mine at 0.2mm PLA 190 degrees. 5 layers on top and bottom.


*I've been reading. Would me adjusting/correcting the Z steps based on the Cube measurements fix/improve this? My x and y measure about 19.96mm while z measures about 20.15 ish I think. Hmmm.

XYZ 20mm Calibration Cube
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How to change the extruder fitting on a Davinci Pro 1.0a

by DerBetonist

Hi there,

does anybody know how to change the fitting directly on the extruder ? I have change the backside fitting on the case, but can´t find a good tutorial for the extruder fitting. If there are some video links or tutorials, the would be nice. Also it seems there is a different (longer) fitting installed in the extruder. Does anybody know the correct replacement part ?

Thanks a lot

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Davinci Pro Replacement Nozzle / Hotend

by DerBetonist

Hi All,

does anybody know where you can get a replacement for the nozzle / hotend part ?
If have found an older thread where its stated that the nozzle can be removed ? Is that true ? It looks like one solid part.
see old thread https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/da-vinci/forums/general/topic:6567

Any Link or comment is appreciated.

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