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Mini w extruder module replacement

by ebp921

I can’t seem to find anyone selling this machine or as parts or broken. I’m desperate need for an extruder module and in all honesty I just need the circuit board inside but xyz support told me I had to buy the whole unit and they are super slow at responding and the prices are outrageous. So longshoremen. Anyone have a broken mini or an extruder they upgraded they are willing to part with?

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Replacement Parts??

by jakeemoomoo

So I am having trouble with my XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 Pro, the little thing that holds the tubing into the extruder head broke, and I can't seem to fix it. Does anybody know where I can find a replacement for this part? I will include a picture of the part. Thanks!

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Weird prints

by Pickles1898

Hey everyone, I am having issues with my da Vinci pro and getting sub-par prints. What are the optimum settings for pla? You can just shoot me a screen shot and I’ll get everything from the settings page. Also, some of my prints have weird lines in parts of them do you guys know what could be causing this?? I’ll attach some pictures for reference.

Bad prints confused Help noob
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Xyz Da Vinci Pro 1.0 Jams and removing the extruder head.

by Rusty234

I have been experimenting lately with other than the standard pla or abs filaments. I have been innundated with filament jams, mostly of my own making. The problem has been the issue of separating the extruder from the printer due to the new steel guide that directs the filament to the switch just as it enters the hot end. I have had to remove the front plate, the one with the "Don't touch " label several times to access the filament below the guide to cut it. Today I finally gave in, and using an xacto knife, and dremel tool cut an access hole through the front plate label, which allows me to cut the filament below the steel guide and remove the extruder head, no tools required. No more fooling around with 3 mm nuts and #10 torx screws.

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XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.1 Plus

by Brainrelates

i am considering purchasing a Da Vinci 1.1 Plus.. any owners/users of this model here? what do you think of it? have you figured out a work around for the proprietary cartridge?

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