BuildTak Flexplate system

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Today i got the BuildTak Flexplate in the mail. Here are some pics of the unboxing/wrapping;

Now i’ll guide you through the installation of the BuildTak Flexplate system.

It’s a very easy and simple installation, which anybody can do. There is an easy to follow instructioncard included in the box as well, but this will let potential buyers see the ease of installation.
The only ‘tools’ you’ll need are some acetone or other cleaner for your printbed, some cloths/kitchen towels and preferably a creditcard or small squeegee.

First you should prep your printbed. In a previous tutorial i showed you how i made mine swappable.
This came in handy today. If your printbed is still fixed in the printer, don’t worry, the steps will be exactly the same you only will have some less room to work with.

Step 1: Clean the printbed.

Step 2: Place the magnetic base of the BuildTak Flexplate system.

Step 3: Remove the warning sticker from the flexplate.

Step 4: Place the BuildTak sheet on the flexplate.

Step 5:Hard work is over! The flexplate with the BuildTak sheet on it is now easily removable!

Step 6: The BuildTak Flexplate system add’s 3mm to your printbed’s height, so be sure to adjust the Z offset!! I also strongly advice you to recalibrate.

Step 7: When you’ve done the Z offset adjustment and recalibrated your printbed you’re done! Happy printing! I had to increase the Z offset by 3.6mm!! to get my printer working.

When warming up, the flexplate system seems to be 10-15 degrees celsius behind on the printbed. I'll keep monitoring to see if it catches up.

Ok, it stay's about 10-15 degrees celsius colder after about 15 minutes of printing (and of course warm up time before printing) Also very noticeable and important to know is that the corners of the buildtak plate are much cooler! There is another 20 or so degrees celsius difference, about 2,5cm diam from the corners. (which makes sense if you take a close look at the magnetic plate, it's not a square.) So you'd need to set your printbed temps 15degrees or so higher then usual when using this system.

What size build plate did you get? How did you deal with the corner screws? Can you show picture of the flex plate installed in the DaVinci Pro?

I got the 203x203 mm system, it misses the corner screws so no problem there. Unfortunately i can not show you a pic at the moment as i am between houses and the printer currently is in storage.

ive tried cheap Tronxy stickers no more warping but i can't remove Prints without Extreme force ruins large objects how good is this Buildtak

Is this going to level out a warped bed?

Would it heat faster if you flipped the aluminum print bed over so the heater was on top?

That might help to heat it up, but there's an adhesive on the underside of the magnetic plate so i'm not so sure if you should try that.

For the warped heatplat question> i don't think it'll help in that regard, it would simple follow the same warp. If your bed is warped you should replace it.

I got a warranty replacement bed, it was mostly flat until I used it a couple of times.