Da Vinci Jr Replacement SD Card?

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Hey guys. So my SD card got jacked and I have no way of getting it back. Can I use a replacement SD card? And, if so, do I need to download replacement files onto the card so the machine reads it like the original?

As an aside, I can't access the website so I can only use v which came with the card. I don't know why; my registration never went through so I don't have an account, and it won't let me make an account because I'm already registered, and I couldn't contact anyone without first registering and/or signing in. So if you have an alternate source to download the replacement files from, I'll need that instead.

Just a heads up in case any one is curios: Caj is correct, you don't need anything special on the SD card for it to run. I'm currently using a 32gb micro SD card with an adapter so it fits into the slot. It is running just fine without anything else on the card, so it really is just for storage.

I managed to get through to the website to register. I was using Firefox, and I had to use Windows Explorer, I believe in compatibility view, to get onto it, but I did manage to get into the website and register. I'm still not updating my software, though I now have the ability to use it when it updates or I have to download the new XYZware software for a new computer.

If anyone has a similar issue in the future, I hope this update helps. Also, I meant jacked as in stolen; the card worked perfectly fine the whole time I had it, so it's not an issue with the card itself, just with its current location - wherever that may be!

you can use any card in the jr no nead to put anything on it other than the files you want to print

i have had this issue with several web sights about not being able to log in and not being able to open a new account if you cant get it resolved with xyz by calling them just use a different name to create a new account

or use the i cant remember either the logon or password option to send you the password

i did see someplace else to download xyzware but i have had no luck finding them again one place was oldversions.com which apparently is no more sad i used to load lots of old versions from there

there realy are no real improvements in software so any version you use will produce the same output results

I have several earlier versions of xyzware on my downloads page, if you PM me your email I can send them to you.

Worse case call them. Their number should be on a label in the printer work area. Just curious, when you say jacked, do you mean stolen or damaged?

Calling that number sucks monkey knuckles. Better to find a way to use the website if you need to engage them...