Lost EEPROM settings

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I am using Repetier-Host 1.6.2 with my Flashed XYZ Davinci 1.0A
In the process of leveling the bed and starting my first print, the EEPROM data completely dumped.
Printer was manually leveled for the bed as the auto level came up with drastically different measurements each time.

During the first print, I had to emergency stop the printer because it was printing too high.
This was done with Repetier-Host over USB to the Davinci.
The next start of the print resulted in everything heating up then saying print completed.
Now when I open the 'Firmware EEPROM Settings' menu I see everything is zero'd out.

See image here: http://imgur.com/a/RvRth

EEPROM is just a file on the SD card. When you first flashed Repetier, you create that file by loading fail-safe and writing it to the card.

Settings > Load fail-safe
Settings > Store to EEPROM

Did you try to do that again?

Hi, just wanted to say thanks, that solved my problem!

Awesome, that did the trick!

Had a bit of an issue to get the Repetier Host to pickup the COM port after resetting it.
Restarted Repetier Host after power cycling the printer, then it was back in business.

Anyone have any info on how to get this repopulated or can upload a copy of their eeprom data?