Where do I find older XYZWare software?

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I received my Da Vinci Mini W today, I was super happy. Untill I downloaded and installed the software. XYZWare keeps crashing at startup.

I've seen others talk about downloading older XYZWare versions but I can't find those anywhere. Who can help me out?

anyone have a copy of xyzware 2.1.19? I've got 14,16,& 17 but can't find 18 or 19.

The same issue happens with XYZware Pro ( released on March 20). I've created a support case (wish me luck!) and will create a new post to receive older software version of the Pro edition.

I've contacted Support and they've told me that they're aware of the problem and the engineers are working on it. They couldn't give me an ETA. For the time being I will have to use the older version which they mailed me, https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7awI1hAu9eWRXRRTlctc0dKS2M.

You sir are a lifesaver.

I've been trying to print a part since I updated (which was just the other day, but I haven't been printing much the last couple of months) and it simply wouldn't print right, despite the fact that right before updating I printed four of them completely fine.

It's like the software wasn't breaking triangles down enough, and leaving me with big giant blocks of triangles instead of smaller ones, so the parts look detailed in some spots and then almost "low polygon" versions in other areas.

Switched back to the old software and it looks like it's going to print just fine again.

Thank you.

Thanks mate! You just saved my bacon! :-)

Thanks for the quick reply. Once I've received older version(s) of the Pro software I'll post it here.

just sent you a message, I have 2 previous versions you could try just need an email to send it to.

You're my hero. The build works without a problem. Thanks a lot!

which version did you install? I have several versions on my hard drive.

I've downloaded the latest version from the website, it's

What operating system are you using? I personally have not had a great experience with da vinci printers ( I own a 1.1 plus). Also depending on how you got the software (flash drive in box or xyz website), you may want to think about updating to the current version, since I believe the mini is a newer line, you should think about getting the current software online.

I'm running Windows 10 and downloaded the latest version from the website, As soon as I doubleclick the XYZWare icon it shows a triangle-looking splashscreen and then it says "Software stopped working". I does this like 100% of the time and I've tried compatibility modes and executing as Administrator.

what issues are you having with your 1.1? I've had mine for quite a while and only issue I've had was a chipped bed glass. I installed a programmer so I can use 3rd party filament which has been nice. $20 for 1Kg vs. $27 for 600g