My da vinci jr. guide tube gets detached from my nozzle


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Hi I have a Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 and I just got a new extruder for my printer and I thought my printer would be fixed. I was wrong. My guide tube would get detached from the nozzle right by the filament spool. The filament would then push the guide tube out of the nozzle so then the filament would come out of the guide tube on the filament side then would just keep going and wrapping and wrapping around my printer until the print is finished. So by the end of the print I see tons of strands of filament wrapped around my printer with no 3d printed product left. Please let me know if you have experienced this problem and how you fixed it. Thank you.

The part you need is a PTFE pneumatic quick connect fitting. Specifically, for the Da Vinci Jr. you need a PC4-M5 with 0.8 thread pitch. They're available on Amazon for a few dollars per bag of ten. Not sure why this isn't on the Internet yet, but there you go.

mine did the same and XYZPrinting doesn't was to credit me with the wasted PLA. Trust me i tried a for over a month. I know this might be an issue later on but i super glued the Pneumatic press fitting with the PTFE tube. I have had no issues since then.

It sounds like your ptfe connector is bad ( the one that is letting go. Amazon has them. Search "PTFE Tube 3D Printer Connector" Blue color (I think,but may be opposite) is a flush fitting, meaning the ptfe tube can only go in so far, where as the black one the tube can pust past the end of the connector. Just replace and you should be good.

Yeah, mine broke too at one point. I tried a bunch of temporary fixes. None of them really worked while I was waiting for the new tube holder to show up. They are cheap, and I bought a few of them figuring the way I use this printer, it'll break again. Of course now that I have spares, it wont! It's the only problem I've had with my Jr. And it has 1000 hours of print time on it.

Thank you for your advice. I have now fixed my printer by taking the nozzle guide tube holder out(the one on the filament side not the one on the extruder) and replacing it.