Alternative Slicer Software for Da Vinci Pro 1.0

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Hey Da Vinci owners,

I recently got a Da Vinci Pro 1.0 and am new to 3D printing, but i'm getting to the point where I need to create more-complex models that require some supports.
The XYZ Pro slicer software can provide supports and i tried printing the same thing with that...3 times, and it always jammed the nozzle.

I've read a lot about using CraftWare / Cura to export the .gcode or .3w file and then import and print using the stock XYZ firmware, but so far all these attempts were unsuccessful for me and i assume it's due to the outdated guides I'm following.
I always need to stop the print in the beginning as it starts doing very weird stuff (like going over the same place over and over or travelling at insane speeds, despite 90mm/s limit in the settings).

In short...my question is: How can i use CraftWare or Cura to slice my .stl files before printing? Has anyone found a workaround for the stock XYZ slicer with something proper (preferrable free, and not Simplify3D)?

Any feedback in this will be appreciated!



i use threedub with my JR to print with cura, still trying to get the settings dialed in but seems to work for most people. here's a link to the forum i used.


I agree with mbooth91. My cura 3.x profile is in page 2 of the referenced thread.

I use Simplify3D with my daVinci pro.

And the integration with that is seamless?

Yep. Just plug the printer into my computer and it appears in the machine list to connect to and send files to it. Unlike other printers you cannot actually control the machine using the options on the machine panel of S3D but I don't care as I don't have to use that crappy XYZware

Does it also work with wireless connection?
Edit: Nevermind...results in google claim that it does work :)

I've never actually tried tell you the truth since my laptop sits on the desk next to the printer

I definitelly need that since i don't have a laptop and the printer and PC are in separate rooms.
But since it has it and is pretty much the industry standard...i'm really considering going for S3D.

Thanks for your input!


I can understand why you were hesitant about S3D but it genuinely is the best slicer by far.
A fantastic investment that you won't regret.

Already bought it and using it :) Thanks!

Yeah it is expensive but I have found it worth the cost.