Broke my Z Carriage bracket by right lower bushing

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Like the topic says broke my carriage by the right lower bushing, now got a wobble on bed, haven't tried to print yet to see if it affects anything but sure it will. Was in a middle of putting in a new x carriage and oops broke it trying to flip my z rod mount. So my question is has anyone made a different one or am I going to have to source an original one.

not that I can offer any help, but got pix? Alternately, got J.B. Weld?

Attach photos, thought of a 2 part epoxy but thinking I might just make a 2020 frame and go for a 220mm bed

My heart goes out to you; that is not going to be an easy fix. I would think JB Weld would work to attach the broken off piece. The hardest part is taping it just right to get a very tight repair. A large zip tie would also do the trick, but there is no way to get it all the around to hold it tight in place.

Im going to see if i can get a zip tie on by drilling a small hole for the time being. BUt as of right now its printing and i don't see any affect from it on the prints, just little louder on layer changes. Going to design up some custom brackets to held the bushings and to connect to a small 2020 extrusion frame to hold the bed. But that will have to later down the road.

Current print .4mm nozzle, .15mm layer height, 30mm/s, vase mode, Amazon Basics ABS. Still looking pretty good.

It happens when the bed jams on the spool when it is not properly secured

Well i tried to take out the bed to flip my backlash nut for the z road upside down to gain some z height, needed to enlarge the hole on the z carriage. So i decide only to take out the left rod and rotate it out and broke it off.

I don't believe that is the same width as the Pro

Is this what your board looks like

I don't remember i ripped the stock board out a long time ago, running a MKS Gen L, but does look familiar.

Drill 2 5mm holes 1 each side of bush and use a wire tie to hold in place
OR DOWNLOAD 1_43.STL FROM https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3646471

by Theidd

I ended up drilling a hole and zip tied it, has held ever since