Jr Not Recognizing Filament

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I have a Jr with well over 1000 hours of print time on it, and so far it has been working well for what I print. However lately after not using it for quite a long time, it seems to not want to recognize the filament roll after one print or when I first turn it on. I thought maybe it was the roll, so I returned it for a new one and I still have the same problem. The only way to fix it is to tell the printer to re load the filament. I checked my firmware, and even deleted and re loaded XYZ Ware on my pc. Any suggestions?

Mine failed after 4 hours for the same reason .They failed there warranty by saying that i did not bay it from them inside the warranty period . Chipped fillermint is just a scam . do not by printers from De Vinci as there fillermint is 5 times more cost than buying direct from manufacturer . Load repitierhoust on it be happy did on my DA VINCI MOD 5-2 and never looked back see my other print and .2000 + hours of printing without problems to date .

by Theidd