Filament not recognized or set to 200M instead of 240M

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Love hate relationship with this printer, not had a good experience with XYZ support, my cartridges are either not recognized, or they set to 200M instead of 240M, I have ordered, but not received yet the 3rd party cartridge resetter only because support is so bad and i cant afford to throw away 40M of filament or a whole spool (out of 5 cartridges 1 is unrecognized and 2 have set to 200, then the head clogged and ticked a cartridge down to 170M when in fact it had only layed down the first 2 layers of a print)
When i look at the heater bed bracket it is not even straight and had a chip of plastic out of the right hand side by the lower bearing, and the glass on the bed chipped early on so definatley had my issues. The thing is, when it works, it works great, and i mean fantastically well for the price.
If they opened up all the printers to 3rd party filament, they would sell twice as many printers in my opinon.
I have the latest firmware, but if anyone knows why he 200/240 issue is happening I would be very happy.

Using kapton tape over the glass will top the glass from chipping. I am 2000 hours in without any glass damage. Also repetier will transform your machine into an absolute reliable beast.


I use Da Vinci Mini, but the thing does not recognize the Nature. I use black and yellow but my recent design require i do so clear printing the printer could not recognize the PLA nature. When I open the pack this a green plastic with a some tiny chip on it. What should I do.

if you are referring to the NFC tag that goes into the spool holder, if the chip is in total about 3/8x1/2inch with 3 copper contacts on it, you have a filament for a regular 1.0 printer not the mini/jr. do you have a pic of the chip?

thanks for the advice, its probably going to happen soon

Do yourself a favour and flash it with repetier firmware.
All your filament issues will be gone, you'll be able to use 3rd party filament and you'll see an increase in print quality.
Plenty info on flashing here ....

scobo, are you aware of posts or tutorials for flashing repetier on the da Vinci jr 1.0?

Sorry but it's not possible to flash a Jr. You're only option would be to change the mainboard.

thankyou , im really thinking about dong it this weekend

Did you order the WCTEK resetter? I had some difficulties with them as well. While the XYZresetterjr works great, it was troublesome waiting for them to come back in stock. Its worth the $65 spent if you plan on sticking with this but agreed, you have to have some patience. As for the remaining filament, I can only say I agree, XYZ could do a better job and the software and hardware issues with the filament is wonky at best.

As for the glass on the bed or the heater bracket, the only thing I can say is... you gotta be delicate pulling things off of the bed. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Let it cool completely before pulling your print off of the bed.

Just wait till you receive your resetter, then you will be happy again..... until you find the next issue.

After a while I have trouble with the WCTEK re-setter ,the cartridges where not being recognized and I think it was because the serial #'s stayed the same in the cartridge.
After looking around I got this one and it will also change the SS# and it worked on all the cartridges.

I don't get the 200m issue

And you are right about letting it cool to room temp often it will even pop off on it's own.

1.0a stock FW 2.1.0 XYZware blocked at the fire wall

The reason why I went with the WCTEK is because they had a Dual Resetter already built. After buying two resetters I would be at almost $50 plus have to print my chassis. This way I don't even have to take the cartridges out.

Yes, good call buzzerco. You have to block at the fire wall. Links and instructions on WCTEK's website.

yes, I pulled one of my first prints off and learnt the glass lesson quickly, needless to say my patience is better now, but not without a chunk of missing glass. I have been able to change the temps with the Slic3r software on the printer, so my plan is to run the same chipped cartridges and use 3rd party filament, one day replace the heat bed as i hear its hard to separate the heater from the glass from stock.
Im leary to make the printer into a useless brick, which is why i went with the WCTEK resetter for the $65, ill be honest, i think the xyz does a great job, its just temperamental, but when it works its fantastic, i prnited out a whole settlers of Catan board with no issues, I even make lost PLA motorcycle parts to cast in aluminum, then i change the cartridge and all heck breaks loose

Stick with it. The resetter will work for you. One glitch in the resetter is that occasionally it gives you an error while trying to start a print. When that happens, just turn the power off and back on. Double check your filament lengths in the Cartridge screen, then your good to go.

I think the XYZ printer ( ESPECIALLY when paired with aftermarket filaments, software and hardware) can be temperamental, but I really think you will find that with anything. Android was the same way when the G1 came out. The great thing about the XYZ printer is that it is really cheap and has many work arounds. Optionally, you could go with a $1000 dollar machine and get the same results, but not the hassle.

Total for me this far is: $450 for Davinci Duo 2.0 + $149.00 for Simplify 3D + $65 for a resetter. So for $650 dollars I am printing. According to 2016, the only printer in the same category is the Flashforge Finder for $500. You could also build a WANHAO Duplicator i3 for $429. Personally, they will all print decent, but all will require the same kind of learning curve.

I've got the 1.1Plus so I built the cartridge emulator found here so I can use the filament that the chip doesn't recognize or stopped working. now I can use non XYZ filament, use my unrecognized cart's. unfortunately nobody has figured out how to crack the 1.1Plus to get away from XYZWare. so I'm stuck till then with their software. No Repetier, no Simplify nada... atleast I can change the temp and length of rolls.

flash it to repetier (if it's not a Pro or Jr) & be done with the filament length counter. It never happened to me because I flashed it after about 30min of print time, but I always wondered how it handled nozzle clogs - the ones where the head continues to print but the filament is stripped & the drive wheels can't push it. I'm sure it just decreases the counter by the slicer calculations, so if you had 10-20m that didn't print, you would waste it.

Cartridge resetters are a band-aid
flashing Repetier is a fix for most of what ails you.

I don't want to risk losing the printer completely though, is there a good guide to do this (i probably should'nt worry, im a network admin and feel really comfortable with code etc. but I just don't want to trash the printer).

0.91 has .bin files you can flash from older XYZ-ware (the version that comes on the CD).
0.92, you have to install Arduino, adjust some settings, hard-reset the printer, then compile & upload.

I've been using 0.91 since I got the printer (Dec '14) & had 0 issues & nothing in 0.92 makes me want to go through the effort to upgrade. I don't use auto level or anything like that. Simplify3D/Cura & Octoprint >> XYZware.....I used repetier host w/built in Cura for a long time. Octoprint freed up my laptop, which dual-using was the source of most of my failures on rep-host. Rep-server would probably be better, but I never really tried it.

The voltivo forums have the most info about repetier. Luc-github I think is where the repo is.