Davinci 1.0 X axis failing. 0030 error x wont return to home.

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Hi Everyone,

I Just wanted to confirm my suspicions that my X axis stepper driver has failed. My Pinter x has stopped moving a few times when printing. After resetting the printer the X axis will not home and I get a 0030 error. If I leave the printer off for a while and then turn it on It will work again(For a short period of time). The problem seems to happen most commonly when X is near the extreme end of its travel.

I have sent it back to the re-seller ( Who no longer stock XYZ printers) to have it fixed under their extended warranty however they were unable to fix it and have advised that they want to give me store credit. I'm not happy with this because I got this printer on sale and I cant find one anywhere near the price I paid for mine (hence why I got the re-sellers extended warranty because the printer was so Cheap I thinks it was around $500 Australian Dollars with the warranty)

Anyway long story short. I am about to ask them to send it back to me. I am going to try and do this mod to fix the broken driver. http://www.boogieland.org/ReadBlog/Da-Vinci-10-Stepper-Motor-Driver-Replacement.aspx . Does anyone have experience with this modification? If so do my symptoms indicate the Stepper Driver has failed?

Before I ask them to send it back do you lovely people have any thoughts on my problem?

My x-axis is all jacked up. It won't zero half of the time. Undoubtedly it is the wiring on the right side. It wears through on the inside, even though the insulation is intact. You'll get lack of zeroing and shifts in the x-axis. I doubt the stepper motor itself is bad.

The pain in troubleshooting is the wires tend to be intermittent. They'll work sometimes, other times not.

I would push them, tell them you want another davinci, or at least the amount to buy yourself a new one, since you found a likely repair option.

Wow! Surprised that you found my blog.

Did you check your wires first? My printer was flashed so I didn't have the error code. However, I believe the 0030 is for failure in the harness. You might want to watch this video to see if it will help fix your problem first. Don't go off buying the drivers and jumpers if they won't solve your problem.


If you are sure it's not the wire harness, I did notice the driver can also have problems when overheating. Try opening the back door and pointing a fan at it.

These should be potential fixes that won't really cost anything.

Weekend_Avenger is right. The DaVinci 1.0 can become a pretty decent printer with some work. I also have a WanHao Duplicator 4S, which is basically, the metal version of the CTC Replicator Dual. Though it can perform a bit better, it's not without work either. I would say if you are ok in getting your hands dirty, then keep the DaVinci, and order some parts from China, for upgrade that is. Let me know if you are interested in my upgrades.

Yeah I don't have the printer in hand as it was under warranty and I sent It away to be repaired rather then voiding my warranty. I had a look at the loom, it looked ok to me. I didn't check continuity as I figured I'll let someone else fiddle with it as it's still under warranty . And as I said the problem was intermittent the axis was stuck then you would leave it off for a while and it would work a bit. A coupe times it did move a little(very Slowly) and then stop which made me think it was the driver.

If i get it back I would be very interested in mods the printer works great for me up until now. As far as I was concerned with simpify3d as a slicer it kicked the crap out the my works flash forges replicators(as far as print quality) and it had a bigger bed and was cheaper.


I got the same issue yesterday

my connector from the right side was broken! you can see it thru the right windows!

I mail the xyzprinting support (in Holland) and within 24h I get a new cable!

I have checked the connectors they seem to be fine to me. If it was just a connector I'm sure they would have fixed that under warranty. But who knows I've lost trust in this vendor completely.


This is my personal opinion as an owner of a DaVinci 1.0 and a CTC Replicator Dual.

If the store that wants to give you credit stocks anything you might want to purchase... I'd check prices (Ebay, DaVinci themselves, or anywhere you can find the part) and then decide if fixing your old printer is actually worth doing. If it's cheap enough, then you can't lose by not fixing it if your happy with the printer... In my case I'm not very happy with my DaVinci 1.0.

Personally I'd be thrilled to get store credit for what I paid for my DaVinci and put that toward buying almost anything else (even non 3d printer items). The DaVinci 1.0 "can" turn into a good printer, but it needs a lot of modification to fix it's issues. It's power supply is too weak to get the HBP over about 95C, it's extruder is a terrible design (first sign of that was the inability to print PLA without a new extruder), massively over volted steppers, and of course the cartridges.

On my CTC, I just bought an enclosure kit (around $70 US dollars), did a simple mod so I could print on $2 picture glass (the mod cost nothing but the glass plates), and have to install a $4 thermistor onto the HPB so that it's accurate temperature wise. As you can see, the CTC printer needs mods to get up to "decent" as well, but at least they are all cheap items. My DaVinci prints no better or worse than when I bought it, but without spending some real money on mods, it will never match the print capabilities of the CTC which had the same list price.

So things have got a little bit tricky and have made me slightly more annoyed today. I got a response from the vendor they are now offering me a full refund which is OK but they said there was no chance of me getting it back as they has sold my printer(Before I had agreed to a refund) to a seconds company who I imagine will get it working and then sell it on to someone else. I'm not happy at all as I had not agreed to the refund and as far as I'm concerned it was still my property until I agreed to take the refund.

I have been really happy with my printer and it has served me well through many many hours of printing. I only print is ABS not PLA and I don't particularly like PLA anyway. My extruder has never clogged or had any problem. I invested in simplify3d as my slicer and it works fantastically with this printer. I'm handy with electronics so if the power supply ever goes I can fix it or replace it. I had a look at the CTC's they looks good but they are double what I paid for my printer not including shipping to Australia Plus we have a couple of Flash forges Replicator 2's(similar) at work and I can never get as good a result with them as I can my Davinci Fantastic with PLA but rubbish with ABS. Even a replacement Davinci is around the $300 more then I got it for on sale not including my warranty. Any other printer made it Australia is around $1k. So i'm stuck a little bit.

I have sent the a rather angry response to them selling my printer. I will see what they say if I cant get it back I will probably take the refund and see what I can do with it. it's all shit because I was printing the Final part of a project I've been working on with it when it failed(Murphy's Law) now part of this project has been sitting on my bench for over a month waiting to print the final part.

I'm still keen for that Info about the Davinci stepper mod anyway I might get it back so we will see then I will have to fix it. If anyone knows anything about the stepper driver mod let me know.


In my opinion, if you didn't authorize the exchange.they owe you a printer, either yours or a comparable replacement, not a refund of a sale price. We buy at discount because the normal prices tend to be too much. Their bad, so they should take it in the shorts and order you a new unit., in my opinion. And I wouldn't take store credit,

I totally agree. They had no right to sell a printer that clearly belongs to you. I would raise a big stink over that.