SD Card files for XYZ 1.0A

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Would someone please let me have a copy of the files found on the sd card for the Da Vinci XYZ 1.0A (I do not need the sample files.). Or point me to where I could download them.
Many thanks.

Hey, is there another link for these files,Dropbox says that the file has been removed from the account

My engineering teacher is currently having issues with his 1.0a printer and wants to find an alternative to buying another SD card for the printer

I am more than happy to share one more time of the soft I found in sd card inside of the davinci.. And luckily I still got it on PC ;) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ttudtwnvpe1tbu5/AAAPu5jQRxobmPvPCoSvOLkLa?dl=0

Another thanks to you. Mine finally got corrupted as well. I forgot to make a copy of the card when I got my printer. I Should have known better.

thank you very much, turns out that the sd card was corrupt... so having these files will help a lot

Brilliant! Thanks scobo. I am so fed up of having to keep scrolling through the on screen menu to turn the lights on. lol