PolyMax PLA settings on a Da Vinci 1.0 Pro

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I have the da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3D Printer and ordered a new roll filament of PolyMax PLA (black). As recommended i have set the temperatures as 190 degrees centrigrade for the extruder, and 60 degrees centigrade for the bed.

Printing a testcube went fine, but printing parts, the filement starts to curl, and bridges are horrible as you can see in the pictures.
What am i doing wrong?

I made soms prints on Lower temperatures. Right now i am on 170 degrees centigrade for the nozzle and 40 degrees centigrade for the printbed. The result is good now. I can't go Lower with the temperature.
Strange thing is that the printing temperature is 20 degrees under the specifications on the box.

Can this be right or is the reading of the nozzle temperature wrong?

Anyway... Thanks a lot for your input

how is your experience so far ? i thinking about getting the same fillament

I agree with BrutalForce. Trying lowering Bed and/or extruder temp.

My gut says you are printing way too hot. Try lowering bed temps and extruder temps by 10 degrees and see the results.