change color mid print?

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I have a Divinci 1.0A
does anyone know if you can change the color of a filament mid print, like you can on a prusa using the colorprint website?

You can but it tricky and wastes filament. Basically start with one color, When you are ready to switch just snip the filament at the top of the tube and have the next color ready to insert right behind it. You have to be quick and insure that the new filament is always pressed against the old filament until it hits the extruded. Keep in mind the original filament cartridge will still be deducting filament even though you switched.

It's best to practice before attempting this on the piece you are working on.

(I have done this when I had my Divinci 2 years ago. I have since upgrade because I could not stand the limited functionality, and being tied to using only Davinci filament, software and absolutely the worst Customer service on this planet).

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i hope you are not using xyz catridges. i dont know how the davinci behaves when you pull out one catridge and put in another. i never used a cartridge

here is a video the only thing it doesn't show is holding the load leaver back

Sometimes I do this (MANUALLY):

  1. Pause, and within 3 minutes...
  2. Release and yank out color 1
  3. Insert color 2 (of the same filament type only)
  4. Push it in until I see a good flow out of the nozzle, then do a quick brush swipe to clean the nozzle, then...
  5. Resume (then Yes)

I have a 1.0 Pro... Not sure if your machine lets you physically remove a cartridge (on pause) or not... Try!

it is also working with different types of material (filament) for example you can start with abs and then hotswap to polycarbonate (pc) or start with petg and swap to carbon. the only thing is that the temperature cant be changed so be sure not to mix low temp filaments with high temp filaments (written by occi the mind-blower)

OK, sure, for advanced users, but 90% of the people here are still working with ABS vs. PLA, They don't mix well.

Pause,,,It works just have the other spool ready and resume ASAP.
I use it for finishing the tops of lettering

but sometimes just for black you can do it with a sharpie

jades Tag or Keychain
building for the Monopoly game

thumbs up! i never use the load/unload filament thing of my printer. when a printjob starts i wait till ~180°C is reached then pull out the old filament and hotswap to new one

If you do so, are you using the Da Vinci's unload/load filament or just having the second catridge beside the printer bringing it to the extruder, while the first filament catridge remains in the printer?

not load and unload,,,, PAUSE the print
when it parks the extruder hold back the lever on the extruder used for loading and pull out the filament then feed in the other color.
then resume the print

and it can come out of a cartridge next to it or w spool

Yeah you got it, thats why it is called "hotswap". I like smart people

you always can hotswap your filament during a print. (if you want to change to an other spool of same material in different color it wont be a problem) just pause your printer and give it a try but be sure to unpause before the 3 min. limit is over

how do you swap in just 3 min? You need to unload the other filament and load the new one, any trick?

You don't need to do a formal "Unload" (and you Cannot on pause!)... Just Pull it out. After all, it's hot and will remove easily!

(i thought this is clear to everybody) as it is logical and thats why its called "hotswapping" not unloading and loading

thanks I will try it!

cool thnx hwthrn - I'll give it a try!