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Nozzle replacement

by forgivemekala

Is it possible to change nozzle without changing the entire extrtuder on a Davinci jr pro 1.0?

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Extruder temp fluctuating, won't go over 130°C


Horrors!!! Was about to fire up the printer to print some X'mas goodies but found that filament would not load.

Using a temp gun, the extruder does not go over 130°C when trying to load filament or in heating/cleaning mode. Display starts off showing extruder temp at 25°C, then goes all the way up to 230°C on the display although the extruder only gets up to around 130°C (and is unable to melt PLA). The extruder temperature seems to fluctuate going up and down between 80 - 130°C.

I've tried testing the thermistor (values were slightly out according to the temp/resistance table) and replaced it anyway with a new one with no change in results.

If I unplug the thermistor, the display shows 10°C (can anyone try this and confirm this?). When I plug it in, it shows 25°C (room temperature)

At this stage I'm thinking it's the logic board in the extruder module that's fried. I'm thinking that unplugging the thermistor should show an open circuit error or should show "-" as the extruder temperature? Can anyone confirm this?

Specific printer model is a Da Vinci Pro 1.0

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My da vinci jr. guide tube gets detached from my nozzle

by Joconnell04

Hi I have a Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 and I just got a new extruder for my printer and I thought my printer would be fixed. I was wrong. My guide tube would get detached from the nozzle right by the filament spool. The filament would then push the guide tube out of the nozzle so then the filament would come out of the guide tube on the filament side then would just keep going and wrapping and wrapping around my printer until the print is finished. So by the end of the print I see tons of strands of filament wrapped around my printer with no 3d printed product left. Please let me know if you have experienced this problem and how you fixed it. Thank you.

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Broke my Z Carriage bracket by right lower bushing

by Flyon20s

Like the topic says broke my carriage by the right lower bushing, now got a wobble on bed, haven't tried to print yet to see if it affects anything but sure it will. Was in a middle of putting in a new x carriage and oops broke it trying to flip my z rod mount. So my question is has anyone made a different one or am I going to have to source an original one.

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Changing up my DaVinci Pro, again.

by Flyon20s

So I have started designing new parts for my Pro, the blue parts on the bed, new X/Y axis setup. Not going to get into to much detail, just share some pics. Got any questions go ahead and ask.

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