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Hello fellow datsuneers

by Tain23

I was hoping someone has some advice for me. I am hoping to find a way to print the trim for my tail lights on my 1980 datsun 280zx 2+2. I'm new to 3d printing so forgive me for the stupid question
(Example picture attached)

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I love that there is a Thingiverse group for Datsuns!

by karnlund

My 510 was my favorite car of all time. Dual side-draft Mikunis, header with a straight exhaust with a super trap "muffler". So much fun in the bay area hills and and the hills outside of Sacramento. It's so awesome seeing people make replacement parts for it here. Thank you.

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Lets get some requests rolling in!

by ethan07e

Currently, we are only 4 members strong but, the Facebook page is growing quickly. So, I want to open the board up to requests and ideas here and on Facebook. Feel free to spitball and formulate ideas for parts that we could model and develop.

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